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Client-specific door mats

Work with us to create your own individual floor mat design. The perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, inaugurations & logos. louiseexklusivYou Individual Floor Mats Functionally Great Beautiful Optics Individually designed. Create your own floor mats with photos, graphics and text. You can create individual floor mats for the interior and exterior of your house.

Individual, personalized floor mats for your home.

Create your own individually designed floor mats.

Customize your own floor mats with pictures, artwork and text. Produce individual floor mats for the interior and exterior of your house. Free-of-charge personalisation and quick dispatch. To your choice. Make an individual floor mats from our infinite design collection or upload your own design or photograph and make a personalised floor mats that you would like to show off!

Ideal as accessories for front door, garages, cellars, bedroom, back yards and much more! Floor mat made of a commercially available woven textile material and state-of-the-art colour printing inks. The standard size floor mat is 18" T x 27" W.

Individual hand-painted floor mats Perth | Local Design

Give your home a touch of character with our high-quality, durable floor mats, which are guaranteed to set an example for everyone at the front door! Smith, Sherry, a native of Bendigo Australia, went to high school in 1966 and began studying art. Their 1991 established company, with modest beginnings in their own summer house, brought Sherry Australia's first hand-painted floor mats to market.

Doormat Artistry went so well that it expanded into a PTY LTD company in 1993 and ran successfully until Sherry acquired rheumatoid arthritis and was compelled to divest the company, which flourished until its closing in 2015. Using advanced medications, Sherry was subjected to two complete silicon wrist replacement parts, awakening her ardour, talent and creative spirit to revive her very popular doormat business!

Sherry' waiting for your idea!

Elegant, tailor-made door mats in 4 different dimensions

Custom -made door mats are a great benefit for companies and brand names that can use them in customer-oriented facilities. You can also use them at home, with a design print that matches your interior, or select the small petsize where your fuzzy boyfriend can take a snooze or enjoy it. Door mats are made of 2mm thick, non-slip gum with an edge around the imprintable area to absorb additional scratches or stains.

Its 2 mm thick gum layer avoids slippage and can therefore be safely used on hard wood or linoleum floors. Printing involves embedding the inks deeply into the fibers of the tissue to produce a durable 2 year warranty printing result. Nonslip elastic is applied to the imprinted material so that a protective edge provides additional security and avoids fringe when you wipe your legs off.

Extreme durability and long life, with a 2 year warranty on the printing. And the individual door mats themselves are water-absorbing and prevent damages caused by moisture. Rugged and long life with 2 years warranty on continuous printing. It can be used outside and inside and the gum coating protects against slippage and damages caused by moisture.

The mudiest rubbers have no influence on the fabric properties or the durability of the printing. Remember that all dimensions except the small domestic animal door mats have a protective elastic band to prevent the borders from fringe. Pets' pads are square with round angles and imprinted from side to side for a breathtaking presentation of your design.

The printing is of high fidelity, with crisp detail and vibrant colors. Imprise the guests of your house with a breathtaking entry that stands in the way of these individual door mats. Imagine printing a design that mirrors the remainder of the interiors, a funny welcome or some of your own artwork.

Conventional door mats can be blunt and unvarnished, here you have complete creativity-free. When you own a saloon, motel or store, put your trademark emblem on large, custom door mats to welcome people in. Include door mats in your design brand's range that are individually imprinted with your originals.

Clients and home visitors can savor your breathtaking photos every day, and it's a great way to present your work in a truly original and interesting way. Extremely long-lasting and the printing is warranted for 2 years. What is there a gumbordüre for? The individual door mats type A, XL and XXL have a protective edge made of elastic to prevent the edge of the mesh from being frayed and spoiled during use.

Yes, you can have your door mats machine-washed at 30°c or sprayed regularly to keep the individual pressure in perfect state. What about a warranty? A 2-year warranty on printing that is durable and will not come off, scrape off or pale when washed and used regularly.

Every single one is imprinted with his own originals, illustration or design, which enables an entertaining and colorful appearance for visitor or customer. What is the best printing solution? Our printing is at 200 dpi, which is a good mix of good image size and good image reproduction. When every single color is important for your design, select CRYPT because our set-up prints every color with the greatest possible matching within our available area.

Gramm per sq m (GSM) is an internationally accepted measurement method for the mass of pulp or tissue. The GSM uses the mass of one metre squared (1000 x 1000 mm) as an indicator of the mass and width of a given tissue. The best thing to do when creating your products is to make sure that your picture is slightly bigger than necessary.

The additional printout is called the "bleed area" or border and is taken away from the part. Imprinting on clothes that a client delivers? Our clothing is all produced on plain woven fabrics and stitched into final product, resulting in a better end product and all-round impression.

However, we produce custom printed dye papers so that you can squeeze your fabric or shallow clothing if you have direct contact with a heating machine. Could you orient a pattern or design across the panel of a piece of clothing? Our aim is always to achieve the highest precision in your clothing production and imprint.

Due to the inevitable stretching or moving of the material during the sewing operation, however, we cannot ensure perfectly patterned recognition over the seam of the clothing. Is it possible to have my own stickers printed? Now most of our apparel has a printed tag room so you can include your own corporate information and your own logo. When you want to stitch in your own stickers, we also have printed material stickers.

What are the environmentally friendliness of textile print? For the sake of environment awareness, all our materials are fully imprinted with water-based ink. Then you can either start enjoying your handcrafted product with your own design or sell it on. Over the past 14 years, we have produced and produced a myriad of personalized items for a variety of clients around the globe, many of whom have become faithful clients who value not only our product but also the attention, expertise and commitment of our people.

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