Custom Design Floor Mats

Doormats made to measure

The result is a clear design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The logo mats are made in a handcrafted process in which your logo design is carefully printed onto the vinyl loop mat. Personalised floor mats for your vehicle Include a personal note by typing anything you want (up to 10 characters), available on almost all Lloyd rug series. Featuring four fonts and over two dozen different colours, your stitched emblem is a welcome complement. For most, opt for their stitched emblems, but be free to become inspired with the added room.

Embroider your individual emblem in your own selected design and is available on all Lloyd rug ranges (except Luxe). "Tom's Nova", "Truckin'", "Rev Up" After you have selected your personal emblem and typeface, you will be offered 24 colour choices for your work. There are all our basic colours - inclusive blacks, whites, reds, darks and light brown, as well as the more unusual colours - violet, pinks, neon oranges, and neons.

Keep this in mind - you can also select from several colours of mats, giving your mats a look that only you will have.

Customized floor mats for cars

Are you looking for spare floor mats for cars? You get weary of all the sluggish design you find in shops? Personalise your own floor mats with our tools. Both you and your passengers should only rely on the best material and the best design, so why not both?

Use almost any picture, photograph or work of art to make custom floor mats that you'll want to look at. They can even be added with text to make a wonderful inspiring messaging that you can see every single passing day on your way to and from work! Turn your excursions into a pleasure with personalised carpets.

Tailor-made Auto & boot mats

Manufactured with the highest grade OEM specification non-slip automobile backing, our mats are fitted with our proprietary Mat-Locating System Loc or our factory-compatible Mat-Locating System Mat-Loc?. The first all-season automatic machine in the sector, Textile?, these mats integrate function + Design to hide dust particulates and keep the entire interior of the automobile protected from the toughest climatic events all year round.

Developed to capture fluids while concealing debris, sands, snows or stains from the fabric's outer shell, this one-of-a-kind and long-lasting all-weather fabric is ideal for use in all weather conditions. Mats? Design Your Cars are personalised, customised mats with a wide range of colour, edge, heel cushion and stitching choices for a customised item that will enhance the look and feel of your passenger compartment drastically.

The Design Your Car Mats line offers OEM grade, 20oz fading and dirt-repellent 20oz marine grade rug, the highest grade non-slip automobile back and is fitted with our proprietary MatLoc system or standard compliant MatLoc systems. Available in the colours beige, glossy mattes red, glossy mattes red, glossy mattes red, glossy mattes red, glossy mattes black and glossy mattes gray, these bespoke mats are both luxurious and durable.

Exactly fitting, these mats are both luxury and long-lasting. Nowhere else can you find these rugs of this standard. Exactly fitting, these mats are both luxury and long-lasting. Exactly fitting, these mats are both luxury and long-lasting.

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