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Tailor-made carpets

Oh, and if we don't have it, we can make it with our custom carpet. Our custom design team can create any look you want. Join Classic Designs Custom Area Rugs, Inc. Traditional designs Custom Area carpets. Are you interested in an individual ceiling?

Individual design of your own carpet

They can work together with our brillant designer teams to make their own carpet, or they can add their own pictures and join our teams to make your own personal work. Use our state-of-the-art technology to produce a dependable look you can take a look at - one that highlights colors, textures und fabric and gives you an idea of what the finished carpet will look like.

Below you will find the step-by-step procedure for your personal carpet! More than 1200 woollen and satin colors offer you almost limitless color options. Collaborate with Jenny (who is an internationally award-winning designer) and her staff to design within your own budgets.

With special softwares we can transform any design into a real life carpet* presentation. After designing over 1000 made-to-measure carpets, we believe we have the mystery of making the design experience pleasant and simple. As soon as sizes, colors and design are determined, your individual carpets can be ordered.

Once you've passed through the hand of many craftsmen and gone through a series of procedures, your original design concept turns into the ultimate work of artwork on the ground. All our carpets are guaranteed to be made to measure.

colour couture

Select your favourite design and match it with your home furnishings! Select from our 120 colour range to make a carpet with a colour range to match your interior or your visions. Every area carpet is handtufted from 100% New Zealand woollen, with a extra tight nap. The surface is refined with softness, smoothness and a handcarved design, or with a handmade embossed surface.

For more information, please contact a distributor. The carpets shown have a certain dimension, the construction detail varies according to the change in dimension.

Tailored carpets Perth | Stan's Rug Centre

Individual carpets are the ideal way to make your own personal, distinctive carpet. Carpets are often right patterns incorrect color, right color incorrect sizing. Our individual design services will give you a truly exceptional carpet that matches your interior. Individual carpets can be manufactured in various designs, from ragged, fluffy toufted, from high-quality hand-knotted to multi-purpose weaving.

Different sizes of piles, carvings, cuts and loops can also give structure to any carpet. No matter whether you want a squared, rectangular, circular or indoor running machine, the dimensions can be matched to your room to perfection.

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