Custom Desk Floor Mats

Bespoke Desk Floor Mats

Can be cut to your desired length and is suitable for laying on hard floor coverings. So if you can't find what you need from our wide range of desk mats, we are sure we can build it for you. Chair mats can be made in any size and shape, for carpets or hard floors. The chair mat is rectangular, no lip sticking out under the desk. Individual desk mats are available for both carpet and hard floors and are available in hardwearing transparent and black vinyl as well as a variety of wood options.

Writing desk mats | Buy high-quality plastic chair mats online

Use MatTek's high-quality synthetic seat mats to prevent carpet and flooring from everyday use. Manufactured from rugged, versatile material, each pad is engineered to resist damages due to transportation and moving seating and upholstery. The mats also allow the castors to slide gently over the workplaces and facilitate moving on the user's back.

Our mats are designed for carpets and rigid mats. When your company has offices, you have probably seen broken floorings caused by desk seats scratching the flooring. That kind of harm can occur whether you use carpeting, wood or tiles, and can cause your company to deteriorate and look non-professional.

If you have a large number of employees passing through your company, your bikes can cause deep scratches to the floor covering over a period of your life and it can be even quicker. Changing floor coverings is an costly job, while a plain synthetic seat cover can guarantee the durability of your floor with minimal cost and work. You can benefit from a number of advantages by using seat mats in areas affected by rolling motion.

Being Australia's most reliable provider of Seat Mats, we have a large selection of choices to help you make the right choice. These mats are colorless, versatile and durable and offer superior wheel and piece of furniture shelter. When you are considering buying a seat pad, but are afraid that we don't have a floor pad that matches your specific floor covering, think again!

Our general versatility of our synthetic mats makes them ideal for a variety of floor styles such as If none of these options fits your floor covering, however, we are happy to work with individuals to offer a bespoke mat design that fits their floor covering. These mats are perfectly suited for rugs thicker than 9 mm and other floor coverings, such as

Only the best qualitiy materials on the shelves are used for every one of our synthetic desk mats, and we believe that every company should be able to tap into a resource that won't let them down. In addition, we offer a one-year to five-year (depending on the type) warranty on our mats in the event of a problem.

All our guarantees are covering a broad palette of errors and problems so you can buy with confidence as we know that our product will keep providing you with a continuous answer to the needs of your desk pad for many years to come. We will be glad to help you find the best mats for you and your company, so get in contact!

An assortment of seat mats available in different dimensions and fabrics. Can be used for rugs or parquet flooring. MatTek's product line comprises Anchormat carpeting mats, from low to high void, depending on rug thicknesses. Curved grabs on the mat do not cause damaging to the underlying rug, and the non-slip floor of the mat does not move on a neat, even floor.

Our floor mats are made entirely of rigid, double PVC extrusion; they have ultra-clear matt finishes and non-slip flooring that allow you to rest securely on a neat, tidy, dry floor. After use, all mats can be completely reused, are easily cleaned and contain no prohibited ingredients. Manufactured from thick, long-lasting fabrics such as PVC, MatTek seat mats prevent the floor from scratching, scratching, spilling and moving over.

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