Custom Embroidered Rugs

Individually embroidered carpets

Embroidered personalized mats consist of plush carpets that are waterproof, stain, fade, mold and mildew resistant, with a non-slip rubber underlay. Take a look at our personalised carpet selection to get the best from unique or individual handmade pieces from our carpet shops. Wolle Trophy carpet embroidery / leg straps on request. Bring your individual mats to the next level with our embroidery service! Let us help you make your carpets truly unique.

Personalised embroidered mats Embroidered logo mats

"Their specialist for floor matting made to measure!" Personalised embroidered matting consists of a soft quality soft mat that is impermeable to water, dirt-repellent, fading, mould and mould and has a non-slip backing of elastomer. They can be used both inside and outside. Perfect for bathroom and kitchen! Each edge is wonderfully crafted with a suitable polybond.

Different colours for carpets and embroideries available. For embroidered text, press 1 or 2 rows. You can even include a logotype if you have your own custom dot matrix stitcher. Stitched embroidered matting is perfect for gifts and donations! Available also as plain mat. On the order page, just pick your rug and your colour.

Do you have an individual form or dimension for a blanket in mind? Yes. What about the addition of your corporate identity? Our designer will create the ideal rug or mats for you. The digitisation department can use any logos used for our products and process them for use in our carpeting machinery.

You can also create your own stitch file from camera-based artwork, as well as create your own images from your own images or images using your JPEG. Please use our individual quotation request to submit your specification or call us directly at 1-866-411-6287 free of charge.

Create your own

Discover the infinite opportunities of carpet designing with our Custom & Custom Service. With our comprehensive carpet catalog we offer a wide range of inspirations for clients who want to use their creativity. Every single one of our designs can be adapted to your individual needs. Countless options are available - color, form, size can be changed and samples can be scaled up or down - so our staff will accompany you through the entire production for you.

Allow your fantasy to run free and we will use our expert knowledge to turn your designs into a nice, tailor-made carpet. No matter what your idea is, we research the many options of color, technology and materials to help you create and realize your visions. Tailor-made carpets take a while to weeave, but the end product is the Ultimate Deluxe - your personal work of art to preserve forever.

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