Custom Entrance Mats

Client-specific entrance mats

Doormats | Interior mats | Entry mats | Entry mats | Exterior mats "Their specialist for floor mats made to measure! "The mats are conceived in such a way as to minimise the cost of servicing and to minimise the risk of slipping and falling. In the front entrance you will need a mixture of external scratch mats and internal mats. The WaterHog mats are our mats that are best suitable for interior and exterior use.

WasserHog mats have proved to be the golden norm for entrance mats indoors and outdoors. Outer matting is developed to remove soiling, deposits and humidity and prevent these items from getting into your home. In the entrance area, our rug mats take over and adsorb the residual humidity and prevent them from being led further into the system.

Our entrance and rug mats are all sorted by applications and uses to help you make the right choice for your home or entrance. Door mats and entrance mats are available in a range of different designs, dimensions and colours to suit almost any size of home or interior! Door mats up to a width of 13'-6" for large areas.

Use ClearTrax Clear Carpet Runner to help keep your precious rugs safe! Avoid the sliding of mats and avoid sliding and falling with Grip Cote anti-slip mats. WasserHog mats are in a league of their own! Can be used as inner or outer mats. Each Waterhog entrance mats has an exclusively designed hydro barrier that can accommodate up to 1.5 gallons of moisture per square meter.

Ideal for busy interior entrance areas! Carpet floor mats have excellent absorbency! Available in special mats for very large breadths. Economic yet stylish entrance mats adsorb moisture and catch shoe debris and conceal it from view! Vinyl -coated entrance mats are best suited for flat surface. Large choice of style and colour to select from!

Customer specific skid length is available on many models. Nonslip, rubberized wiper mats are an important first stage in the care of your interior carpeting mats and mats. External mats made of caoutchouc can be cleaned and maintained easily! An assortment of rollable gut mats offering special sizes up to 13'-6" width. Large entrance mats are useful for those uses that demand a one-piece, large doormat.

Carpet floor mats can also be used to help keep your wooden hard staircase or outdoor staircase safe. Made from the same materials as our WaterHog Classic entrance mats.

Build a full colour matched entrance mats system in your home The steps of the 8 steps of your home offices are the following We have a large range of entrance mats for interior and exterior use with a wide range of prints. No matter what your furnishing or your tastes, we are sure you will find the right entrance mats you are looking for.

Contains several design mats for the Kitchen and other areas of the home. Temporary mats are a great Christmas present for what is difficult to buy. Teppichfliesenböden offer the same excellent cleansing performances and advantages as entrance mats. Three 12 " x 12" pattern floor tiling available These floor tiling is intended for installation in high frequency areas such as hallways, sunken mats, entrance shafts, hobbies, entrance halls and lifts.

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