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Offer comfort and safety at affordable prices with our Airug Custom Anti-Fatigue Mats. The safety mats can be cut to size and are available in three colours. Tailor-made mats are sold by the foot. Buy now and receive free shipping for all cleanroom anti-fatigue mats. The Canada Mat offers a wide range of anti-fatigue mats to reduce the fatigue associated with long service life.

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When you are on your legs all the time, there is a chance that you will need a little help. Bardwell Matting offers a wide variety of anti-fatigue mats for a variety of uses that can be tailored to your needs: The mats can help alleviate fatigue and help keep personnel productively engaged.

Industry: The use of industry anti-fatigue mats can help prevent injuries and enhance employee well-being. There are a number of different solutions that are suitable for industry workstations - many of which also provide other advantages such as fat tightness and antistatic properties. Retailers are often forced to walk their whole shift, either waiting for shoppers at checkout or loading and unloading racks.

In addition, these staff members seldom change from this job. Physicians, nursing staff and other health care professionals are also obliged to be on their legs for long periods of time. As a rule, these staff members work in long shift periods, which places an enormous burden on their body. Hospital anti-fatigue mats can help reduce some of this fatigue.

Therefore, they should be placed at receptions, in privat office spaces and in therapy rooms. Office : If we think about the division, we don't often think about the fact that our staff are on their feet the whole working day. What's more, we don't often think about the fact that our staff are on their toes. However, the advent of sitting/standing consoles and other options has resulted in more staff staying upright every single workday.

Office anti-fatigue mats can help reduce a portion of the stress associated with being on your legs all day long.

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"Their specialist for floor mats made to measure! "Non-fatigue mats and shift mats are an important part of employee productiveness and ethics. We have developed our anti-fatigue mats with a view to providing maximum convenience and longevity. Our anti-fatigue mats also include several important security features such as non-slip finishes to help keep them from slipping in wet/greasy areas, coloured security strips to enhance working areas and bevelled corners to help avoid stumbling and provide easier vehicle entry.

Non-fatigue mats should be used in any professional or industry applications where stationary workmen are present to give comfortable support to fatigued leg and toes. Our anti-fatigue mats are tailored to suit individual areas or individual length. Industry, catering, pure areas, retailers, saloons, laboratories and chemist's shops are only some ranges, in which the ergonomical Mattierung increases the comfort as well as the productivity of the coworkers.

Available in a variety of finishes, finishes and strengths, our anti-fatigue mats are cost-effective to suit every budgetary need. To see all our fatigue resistant mat category, please browse below. Non-fatigue mats with a shared finish or formulation. MatRejuvenator is 100% Urethan, the highest quality foam blend in the business.

Rejuvenator keeps your employees energised and comfortably with the best resistance of all mats. The new Life Eco-Pro foam mats NewLifeâ" Eco-Pro anti-fatigue mats are ergonomic in shape to offer the ideal compromise between superior convenience and optimum assistance for those who need it most. The Diamond Plates anti-fatigue matThe Diamond Plates finish increases the grip and longevity of the anti-fatigue pad.

MattingTop Smart Step Parlour & Spa MattingTop Top fabric anti-fatigue mats and comfortable mats for the parlour and cosmetics industries. Salonists no longer have to be content with an anti-fatigue blanket that breaks apart or is pierced. Antifatigue Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Hog Heaven provides one of the most diverse ranges of anti-fatigue mats, offering outstanding levels of convenience due to their uniquely enclosed cells, padded bases and multiple surface finishes.

The marble tiles mats marble top mats provide a singular mixture of stile and highest convenience. The ErgoDeck Module FlooringErgoDeck is an ergonomically shaped, floor system for large areas. Supplied in a mineral aggregate slab and a dewatering slab for damp areas. The 24/Seven Module rubber Mats24/Seven Module is a 3' x 3' 3' gum floor tiles with a concealed locking system that can be connected on all four sides, making it ideal for large area coverage.

Obtainable in a mineral material tiles and a dewatering tiles for the damp area.... Every fatigue resistant mat is developed with an eye to convenience and longevity. You can use our foam pads in areas that are either damp, oily or arid. Non-fatigue matting made of synthetic material is suitable for large areas. Affordable convenience for all types of use.

Bubbled foam mats from 1/4" to 5/8" thickness. Antimatter mats are developed to reduce the appearance of fatigue by up to 50% by eliminating the need for flooring in arid environments. Non-fatigue mats for similar use. Drainage mats are generally described as drainage mats, cooking mats and grocery mats.

Non-fatigue mats are available for almost any kind of applications in damp, oily or oily areas. Our anti-fatigue module mats allow our clients to choose from practically any surface and configurations. Fatigue-free mats are available for almost any kind of applications in damp, oily or oily areas.

Our running mat is highly flexible in its use. Ideally suited to cover long tight span widths in arid working areas and to relieve fatigue. Most of our anti-fatigue mats can be individually tailored. Special purpose meshes Industry meshes contain commodities such as our welding meshes, which are engineered for unique application in industry and commerce to avoid accident, enhance security and enhance working environment.

Non-fatigue floors for certain sectors. Laboratory, Medicine and Pharmaceutical Anti-Fatigue MatsA line of mat product specifically developed for laboratory, medicine and pharmaceutical use to prevent fatigue and increase overall employee efficiency. Controlled Pollution MatsA line of pollution controls for reducing or eliminating pollution, maintaining effective manufacturing and providing convenience to employees.

Cleanroom adhesive mats included. MatHogHeavenâ " impression mats are manufactured by forming a digital imprinted thermoplastic mat into long-lasting nitrogen latex foam latex. Featuring a 5/8â thick closed-cell back panel, these mats offer long and excellent anti-fatigue comforts.

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