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Tailor-made carpets

Size and fit instructions. Made-to-measure carpets help to give any room a satisfactory surface. A professional horse training & individual carpets that fit. Lots of estate agents and homeowners will use remnants as a cost-effective way to create the look after less and create an individual carpet. To enlarge click, this oval carpet has been perfectly cut under the owner's dining table.

Tips - A brief instruction for purchasers on carpet sizes, shapes, styles, maintenance and layout.

Choose the right one first! First thing you have to choose is the dimensions of a carpet. A carpet's dimensions are critical to connect a room and join everything together to form a harmonious area. A carpet in an open room can redefine an area and underline the overall aesthetics of a room.

Choose the maximum possible fit as it unifies a room and defines the room you want to covert. Carpet sizes examples: Consider outside the quadrilateral (or rectangle) and look at the form. It is the most favourite form for residential, eating, sleeping and small corridor use. A round carpet, however, is a wonderful option in a bedroom or can be an interesting point to be added to a lounge, games room or workroom.

And if you are particularly imaginative, you can create a carpet mould specifically for your room that can be made to order. And if you think there are too many possibilities or if you want a ceiling that outlasts trend, choose a classic finish or a long-lasting flat weave. Structured and flat woven carpets are currently the most beloved in our comprehensive range.

Dick, plushy and wonderfully smooth under the feet, some of our favorite finishes are Madison, Magic, Ropeweave, Illusions and Fizzle carpets. Flat woven carpets are long-lasting and ideal for use in busy residential and eating areas. Favourite styles are Torquay, Subi, Hunter, Silhouette, Braid Bive, Braid Tempest and Xylo. Carpet maintenance varies according to sizes, constructions and yarns.

Name your room. A carpet in an open room should be large enough to fit under all four feet of any settee, sofas or armchairs. This defines the room and is in relation to the dimensions of the piece of equipment and the room around it, while at the same time providing a relaxing and nonchalant feeling for the room.

For rooms where the furnishings are on the walls, a carpet should be large enough to fit under the front leg of any lounging garment. A carpet for a dinning room should always be in relation to the desk. The best thing is to allow enough room on both sides of the desk to prevent the back of the carpet from being "caught" with a highchair.

You should always sit the back resting on the carpet, even if you are using it. 5 metres broader and longer than your desk (i.e. at least 65-75 cm around the circumference). Wall-to-wall carpeting gives color, patterns and texture to make a room look luxury and comfortable.

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