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Car Custom Carpets Original Material Replacement Floor Mats. Saskatoon, Montreal and other centers throughout Canada. Individual floor mats in the new fitness centre of The Core. When you' re tired of factory floor mats or no longer have any, choose from our selection of durable individual and semi-customer-specific Toyota floor mats and liners. Take a look at our monogrammed selection of car carpets to get the best from unique or custom handcrafted parts from our car parts and accessories stores.

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You will also want this type of mat if you are carrying children, animals or gear that could cause confusion in your car. Both WeatherTech and Husky Liners manufacture some of our best-selling mats. Mats for all types of bad weather as well as blankets made of elastic material fulfil their function up to the point of teeing off. However, if you want to give your car floor a unique look, take a look at our carpets, logos and aluminium mats.

Teppichmatten lend your floor a high-quality, luxurious feeling at an accessible cost and offer the same shape and functionality as normal floor mats. You can also put a logotype or aluminium matt on your floor to really enhance the character of your car. Our floor mats and liner range is the best in Canada, enabling you to meet these needs while still looking good.

WeatherTech, Husky Liner and more, go through our range of floor mats and Liner to find the one that's right for you.

Doormats, floor coverings Husky Liner & WeatherTech Canada

There is a wide range of styles to select from so you can protect the floor of your car while improving the upholstery. In our range you can select from different types of floor mats, such as floor mats, floor mats, floor mats and all-weather mats.

You will find the best solution for your taste and your personal taste in our range of floor coverings and mats. Our range includes high-quality accessoires made of long-lasting material so that you can use them for a long while. To help you find the best solution for your car, we provide tailor-made floor coverings and floor mats.

Floor mats and floor tiles are simple to assemble, dismantle and wash, giving you a good look for your car.

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