Custom Floor Rugs

Individual floor coverings

Individual logo floor mats offer a professional appearance and a good way to remove dirt and debris from inside. Tailor-made carpets for exterior and interior use, including runners made of natural fibres such as sisal, jute, seaweed plus wool, etc. You will also find prefabricated carpets in standard sizes. Entry mats, individual logo flooring. Discover the endless possibilities of carpet design with our Custom &

Custom & Custom Service.

Customized Logo Floor Mats - Customized Logo Carpets - Entrance Mats - Anti-Fatigue Mats

Our matting is conceived for industrial use. Select from our range of internal and external logos matting, internal and external logos matting, internal and external rubbers matting, entry matting, internal matting, running matting, fitted matting or anti-fatigue matting. Carpets with elastic underlay and edges. Used in interiors with high levels of congestion. Cloth inlays with individual mat. Wipers and anti-fatigue matting with your digital printing emblem.

Durable woven matting for use at highly frequented entrances. Internal carpet wipers for humidity and dirt monitoring. Floor matting, skids and rollers for floor coverings and decoration. Antifatigue matting to help alleviate leg and knee strain and improve workers' comforts. Antislip matting for security and to protect against slipping and falls. Emptyable sanitary towels for damp areas to ensure the security and convenience of employees.

User defined carpets and prefabricated area carpets online

Free-of-charge patterns and measurement devices for made-to-measure carpets. That'?s it. Designers inspire collections of ready-made and ready-to-ship carpets for every life style and every household size. Do you need help to find your ideal carpet? User defined area carpets: It' called custom carpets at unfamiliar price. Special carpets and patterns can be produced in coordination with large carpets.

There are many fuck carpets, barber, soft toys, woolen and clean woollen. That'?s it. Finished carpets: Rummage through our hand-picked range of ready-made carpets suitable for every room in your home. Designers can choose from our range of range carpets in a wide variety of shapes, colours and designs. For the more advanced range, we provide a wide range of abstracts, circle, geometric, stripe and other trendy carpet designs.

Create your own

Discover the infinite opportunities of carpet designing with our Custom & Custom Service. With our comprehensive carpet catalog we offer a wide range of inspirations for clients who want to use their creativity. Every single one of our designs can be adapted to your individual needs. Countless options are available - color, form, size can be changed and samples can be scaled up or down - so our staff will accompany you through the entire production for you.

Allow your fantasy to run free and we will use our expert knowledge to turn your designs into a nice, tailor-made carpet. No matter what your idea is, we research the many options of color, technology and materials to help you create and realize your visions. Tailor-made carpets take a while to weeave, but the end product is the Ultimate Deluxe - your personal work of art to preserve forever.

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