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Entrance door Greetings Door mat The handcrafted floor mats are a welcome statement for our guests. Visitors are welcomed with style by our tailor-made floor mats.

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It is the premier resource for green coconut mats and coconut mats. The mats are handwoven from 100% coconut fibre. Our company specialises in all types of adaptations when it comes to coconut mats, offering a range of personalised floor mats for living areas and customised vinyl-coated coconut mats for any large industrial entry with or without deep well use.

Custom -made from our Blaine, Washington manufacturing plant, these coconut mats provide fast lead time throughout the U.S. continent. In addition to coconut mats, we also provide a variety of commercially and commercially available and industrially manufactured anti-fatigue mats, custom log mats, entry mats, crash mats and drain or conducting mats.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of design and fun floor mats that are perfectly suited to beautify any door. Design floor mats from "Oh shit not you again" to the "Polka Dots" complete every feeling of aesthetics and humor that our customers want to present to greet their customers.

Once inside, our seat mats help keep your costly floor covering in place, while our large selection of counter mats gives you added convenience for long stands. We take good care of all your mat needs, whether they are infant mats, pets mats, recycling tyre tyres, exercise mats, street rolls, recycling rubbers, custom floor mats, smooth surfaces, combat or sport mats, garages, Waterhog Classics, the Digiprint brand or others.

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For our esteemed clients, we deplore the fact that, due to the technological challenge posed by new European legislation, we can no longer take orders from the European Union for the moment. You can still order from our UK West Elm website at if you live in the UK.

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