Custom Garage Mats

Client-specific garage mats

Use a garage mat to keep your garage floor clean. Our range includes various sizes and colours of garage floor mats. Car park floors are ideal for keeping your car park floors clean and protected from all types of spills and contaminants. The flooring is an essential feature of any luxury garage or showroom, but one that is often overlooked. Diamond slab tile is our most popular garage floor tile.

Garage floor mats in special size

Frequently we are asked if we will be able to tailor garage mats to your needs and what the delivery times are for individual garage floors. Response is absolute and delivery can take up to 6 and 2 week respectively, based on the sizes you order.

In many cases, it is also important to consider that the next larger off-the-shelf garage mats can be cheaper and safely get there later. If we are already on the topic of garage floors, we will launch a range of individual garage mats. The mats are conceived to look like garage floors, have licenced logo and other imitate EPOY.

When you need tailor-made garage mats, we strongly recommend that you call us. Our expert garage ground staff can ensure that you have the best possible fitting.

Floor mats for garages

If you park your car in a garage, no car, no car, no tires, no tyres, no tyres, no tires, no tyres. They can help keep your garage floor tidy by laying down a garage mats to keep sludge and moisture away from the surface, making cleaning easy.

We have four different types of garage mats, each with a different width and a different look. First mats are grey and 20 mil thick. The arrangement uses nylon clips on the edges to keep the pad nicely level and allow a car to ride on it.

Made of durable vinyls, the pad can absorb all the sludge and moisture, and prevents it from hitting the ground. And the second is 50 mil's thick. The mats use the same type of synthetic clips at the edges as the above mats. More durable vinyls and plastics allow you to place any car on them and drain all the sludge and debris.

The third alternative means that you do not have the synthetic clips on the dropsides. The mats are made of one pieces, unroll the ground mats. The mats are even ultraviolet proof for use outdoors. Sludge and splash do not damage this pad, but some acid and more aggressive chemical can. Mats for garages are not necessarily a separate sheets of vinyls, you can assemble your mats from separate tile.

There is a large selection of garage tile from foams to Polypropylen to Vinyl. So you can create everything you want under the car. All of them are chemically stable and can endure the misuse of a car driving on them every day. The majority of them will keep the sludge and debris at the top, away from the bottom of your garage, except for those with perforations in them.

Whatever your choice of mats, the results will be the same: the sludge and moisture that enters the garage will remain away from the ground, keeping your garage floors clean for longer.

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