Custom Gym Floor Mats

Client-specific floor mats for fitness studios

Safeguard the structure of your home or professional gym with a floor covering for gyms. Buy the high-quality elastic mat range to create a safer gymnastics environment. Tailor-made rubber mats are just as durable as their standard size partners. Individual rubber mats can be used in any room to protect your existing surfaces from physical damage. Mr.

Olympia official gym flooring.

Floor coverings for fitness studios | Floor mats for fitness studios

If you buy directly from the producer, get the best prices for high value goods, if you find a better value for another article, call us at 1800 572 169 and we will improve this one. The warranty is also valid for 45 working days after your order! All orders of stored goods placed on-line are backed by our 365 day money back guarantee for your safety.

Returns can be made up to 365 business days after the date of original order. Submit your order by 14:00 for same date shipping with our item expedited courier service. Please call our distribution office at 1800 572 169 to arrange an appointment. Please see the Deliveries & Returns tab for the respective products for details of lead time.

Gym Rubber Floor for sale in Melbourne | Shipping Australia-wide

Are you looking for a hardwearing floor for gyms in Melbourne? The MA1 has a large range of thick and high grade rubbers to chose from. The MA1 has one of the best floor tile on the world. The 15 mm thick mat is hard-wearing, suitable for high passenger transport and resistant to all types of use.

If you are a serious weightlifter out there, take a look at our 50cm x 50cm ceramic flooring, available in 25mm or 50mm thicknesses. These thick and long-lasting floor slabs are the best bumpers that can be combined with 1m x 1m floor covering to provide a great weight lifting base. Manufactured from finest granulate down to the gum flooring, this enables a more dense, impact- and sound-absorbing, long-lasting work.

For those who want to customize their logo or gym badge, we provide individual orders for these gum mats. Don't hesitate, get in touch today and give your gym the best gum floor it earns. Not sure which floor covering is right for you? Which kind of floor is right for me? for more information!

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