Custom Indoor Floor Mats

Client-specific floor mats for interiors

Browse our collection from Hog Heaven Matten, an industry leader in high-quality indoor and outdoor mats. There is no other floor mat in the industry that catches water and dirt so effectively. Custom indoor logo floor mats are perfect for both presenting your logo and capturing dirt and moisture when customers enter your business. The Mat Tech range includes tailor-made floor mats for indoor and outdoor use, waterhog, anti-slip safety and more.

Indoor mats made to measure | 30% discount on door mats | discount on entry mats

The Waterhog Custom Size Indoor Mats provide powerful indoor and exterior wiper mats with 30% discount on retailer pricing with FREE shipment on all Waterhog Custom Size Indoor Mat orders over $100 (for orders under $100 a $12.95 lump sum charge applies) and a 100% guaranteed satiation.

There is no other floor mats in the industrial sector that catches moisture and debris so efficiently. The Waterhog Custom Size Indoor Mats are made of rubbers and offer a pressure resistant scratch effect. Waterhog Custom Size Indoor Mat's tall "Water Dam" edge strip catches dust and moisture to keep your floor clean and safe. Waterhog Custom Size Indoor Mat's perimeter waterstop can accommodate up to 1.5 gal per sq. meter of fluid.

The Waterhog Custom Size Indoor Mats are available in many different shapes and sizes to suit all your needs. More than 18 different colours, elastic or cloth edges and two back versions are available in the Waterhog Custom Size Indoor Mat. The Waterhog Custom Size Indoor Mats are made in the USA from an antistatic, solution-dyed propylene polymer that allows the fabrics to quickly cure and withstand the harmful influences of external factors (rot, salts, melting ice) and ultraviolet rays.

The Waterhog Custom Size indoor mats are perfect for school, hotel, hospital, office, church, mall, restaurant, food store, motel, museum, factory, warehouse and all trade, retailer and housing applications. Waterhog Custom Size Indoor mats can be cleaned by using a simple suction cup, suction cup or tube and hanging the mat upright.

The Waterhog Custom Size Indoor Mat's non-slip backing contains 20% recycle free contents that won't tear or crinkle, is non-slip National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) approved and offers a 100% guaranteed satifaction.

Personalised entrance mats and individual floor logo mats

Individual floor mats are personalised entry mats and individual doormats that show your company name, your company name or any other graphics to enhance your company's image and enhance your visibility. Solid Foam Moulded Foam Mats are non-slip latex mats. Logos are used to scratch the shoe off dirt and dirt in an aggressive way.

The Waterhog logotype door mats are characterized by a uniquely wafer finish designed to remove debris and moisture efficiently while creating a crisp logotype. The Waterhog Impressions HD logo mats provide an unbelievably detailled look with a wide colour gamut and the powerful scrape function found on all Waterhog mats. The Waterhog Signature mats have a small elastic signature in the corners of a Waterhog Classic mats, providing commercially superior cleansing performance with the powerful trademark of a long-lasting elastic mats.

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