Custom Jute Rugs

Individual jute carpets

In order to order a runner, select "Custom Sizes & Shapes" and then "Runner". Browse all Custom Jute Rugs products, brands and retailers: discover prices, catalogs and new features. The dense and robust mountain grass, sea grass and jute carpets can be individually designed with borders in many different sizes. To place a custom order, please contact your nearest retailer or our Los Angeles showroom. Refine your home furnishings with one of our very inexpensive jute carpets.

Jute Sisal Natural Fibre Carpet or Rug

Free-of-charge delivery for all carpets. Click Customizes & Shape above for bishops, custom size, and custom shape. Jute fabric is ideal for lounge, family room, dining room, bedroom and corridor runner. The jute is antistatic, sound-absorbing, natural and fire-retardant. To see how to clean jute carpets, click here.

Carpets made of synthetic fibres can be used in any interior or sheltered room of your home or work. Carpet upholstery is advisable for use under all carpets to provide floor protection. Suitable for indoors only. Carpets for Indoors and Outdoors are very diverse and can be used in any room or outside area of your home or business.

This carpet is used in interiors in canteens, baths, laundries and lounges with high visitor frequency. As a rule, outdoors carpets need little care. Outdoors carpets are mould and mould proof and stabilised against ultraviolet rays. Using a soft detergent is recommended for more dirty carpets.

Natural Sisal Carpet Natural Sisal Floor Coverings

Founded in 1974 as a privately owned company, we source our floor coverings, complete with Ice Cream Carpets and Ice Cream Carpets, from fully renewable sources. Can be laid from door to door on virgin fabric and virgin fibre, our own staff of Australian carpets manufacturers will make our bespoke rugs and carpets for you.

Naturally our carpets and other environmentally safe materials add a hint of naturalness to your home. Our naturally occurring floors are also highly resilient, energysaving and beneficial to the whole household. Among other things, our assortment includes: One of the most elegant and long-lasting floors on the modern day paving markets is the naturally occurring ground of calcareous rock extracted from the Agave Sisalana Cactus herb.

Obtainable in a broad palette of fabrics and colours, as well as plain wood carpets and rugs, our passions and specialties have been for over 40 years. All our bespoke shoes and rugs are made here in Australia. With our know-how, our offering and our focus on internal QC, your shopping experiences will run smoothly.

We offer a wide assortment of top grade jute and cottonwolle. Manufactured from high grade wools, this floor covering is naturally crafted by hand-weaving to give it a distinctive look while staying luxury. Manufactured from sisal, our sisal carpet tiles are a great way to give your home offices, renovated garages or spaces that you don't know exactly what to do with them a sense of naturalness.

Our sisal carpet tiles are 50cm x 50cm in size and can be bought in packages of 4 sqm or separately.

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