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Individual Logo Car Doormats

Give a touch of class with our individually refined Berber floor mats. Individual floor mats with Creative Colors International, Inc. logo will leave a lasting impression on your customers and better protect their vehicle. Sublimation print with individual logo for car mats. Find out how you can enhance your interior with individual floor mats.

Custom embroidery and logos are available.

Doormats with individual logo

Whether lorry floor mats, all-weather floor mats or individual car floor mats, we have what it take to make your car more like your home. The nylon is the toughest fabric in the production of rug weaves. The result is a denser thread, which is then embossed into a carrier to produce the top or surface of the canvas.

Backing material determines how rigid the floor felt as well as its hydrophobic and slip strength. The anti-slip TractionBac is designed to prevent the rug from sliding into the floor of the car. Combining the backing sheets results in a composite that prevents humidity from entering the vehicle's pristine flooring.

Customized car floor mats

1 ) Tailor-made car carpets (without logo or design) Thick fabric trimmed fabric or neatly toned loops, glued to a rubberized, highly durable, sprung back to reduce car motion. 2 ) Inlaid pattern - The pattern is punched from the basic blanket and then again from a selected extra colour.

Then the second colour section is meticulously returned to the basic matt. Sometimes, according to the theme, the inserted theme can be accentuated with sculptures by hands that highlight exceptional details and make the theme truly distinctive. 3 ) The stitched pattern is Star West's most favorite floor mats production genre.

However, the degree of detail available in stitched patterns is unusual and can make the overall impression truly unique. Individual logo process: Throughout the years we have created a system for the production of floor mats that have been conceived to significantly improve the indoor environment. Irrespective of the type of product we are designing, we usually use the same processes described below:

Our designers can create blueprints if the artwork is not provided by the clients, which are then sent to the clients for verification and response. After completion of the conceptual work, the draft is digitised. Our designers take the graphics and disassemble them so that our machines can directly replicate and stitch the picture into the floor mats.

Eventually, when the manufacturing is completed, the mats are packed and sent to destinations around the globe. ** Liability Disclaimer: Starwest, an automobile floor mat manufacturer's after market label, is in no way representative or associated with any of the car manufacturers mentioned on this page.

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