Custom Logo Entrance Mats

Client-specific logo entrance mats

Individual carpets and logo mats. Individual logo mats are multifunctional in that they keep your floors clean and safe for your customers and at the same time present your brand at the door. Customized Logo Mats | Personalized Floor Mats | Logo Floor Mats

Individual doormats are the ideal way to boost the corporate identity of your business. Logo-mats combines the advantages of a doormat with an eye-catching look that can improve your brands and your promotional activities. Manufactured from commercially available fabrics and using the latest production technologies, our logo carpets are durable and provide stunning performances while maintaining an appealing appearance.

Whether indoors or outdoors, our logo entrance mats advertise your company efficiently. Template for floor mats: Use our layouts to make sure your template matches the print needs. Layouts are provided in EPS, PSD and PDF format for frontloading. The following data types are accepted: Incorrectly created files can cause the order to be delayed.

Once we have received your submitted file(s), we will check each one. Should we find a problem with your data, we will get in touch with you, otherwise you will get a 24 hour verification email to your POOF. Use our template to create your data properly.

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Combining aesthetics and functionality, these mats provide a commercially viable floor protection that protects the floor from harmful soil and humidity. Produced from statically dispersive, solution-dyed polyamide fibre that offers excellent washing and lighting performance. Reinforced back with 100% vulcanized latex for improved grip and grip.

These mats, which have been created to supplement today's interior spaces, are available in a broad palette of eye-catching design colours. Those mats make a statement! No! Imagine the place a little with your own kit of individual thematically arranged or with a logo provided mats! Your mats can make a difference by adding your logo, a custom design or an individual embassy with 25 default colours or up to 300 highlight colours.

Gorgeous, individual logo mats with 100% latex backs for enhanced grip and grip are perfect for reminding clients how much you value them, your store, or want them to come back often. When you can imagine it, individual mats can make it possible.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about customised mesh solution for your sites. Rather than using only the cookies cutters for our mesh services, as so many of our competition do, we are working to develop a programme that best suits your needs. Rather than 2 or 3 mats covering a long hallway or entrance throughout, we make 1 that matches your room exactly.

These mats are made of heavy materials, so they lie more flat than thin, cheap mats. The A-1 Service Tailor-made mats are available in either basic colours or spot colours/themes, with or without logo and custom design. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about customised mesh solution for your sites. The use of anti-fatigue mats helps to improve the efficiency of staff who stay on site for long periods of work.

The A-1 Service Fatigue Mats are made from 100% NBR with excellent fat and fat resistant properties and with bevelled corners to provide a smoother ground to matt transitions, thus eliminating slippage and drops and making it easy for trolleys to move over the ground. Water rooms, fat, narrow rooms, hot weather, a lot of sitting... This is the ecological realm in every canteen or commercial canteen.

The A-1 Service standard matting is up to the task! Manufactured from 100% nitrile caoutchouc for excellent fat and fat resistant and with anti-fatigue characteristics to help relieve worker tiredness, these mats will absorb excess hot air and increase throughput. Manufactured from 100% vulcanized latex for excellent fat and oily life.

Unlike our competition, we keep these mats cleaned on a regular basis. The A-1 Service company provides a wide range of hand wipes and skirts to suit your needs. Rental of our products includes conventional cottons, low fluff microfiber hand wipes and a wide range of business wipes, all of which are washed at A-1 service sites using a dedicated waste water treatment system to help preserve our natural world.

Each towel and apron is available once a week or every two weeks, according to your particular programme. Our range includes freshers, disinfectants, soaps, high performance cleaners, wipes, roll-on wipes, blinds and automatic flushing systems. We hire the donor for cloths, rolling pin sheets and toilet paper and sale the products in a box at a very reasonable rate.

More than just mats, we process, so let us know what you need and we'll do it! We' re waiting for a damp bob with cord and ribbon. In addition, Staubmops are available in different lengths from 18" to 60".

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