Custom Logo Entry Mats

Client-specific logo input mats

Free-of-charge samples and logo carpet prints. Grab your individual mat today. Bring your logo or message to our entrance mats in the interior.

Standard-Logo Mats

Well, we know how to make an entry. Proud to be able to offer a full range of high class doormats, whether you need individual logo mats, entry mats, doormats, welcome mats or exterior mats. Extremely dense foot mats made of polished synthetic material with trimmed yarns, durably attached to a stable back of solid white synthetic material and decorated on each doormat.

20oz per sqm of tenacious, denierable, solution-dyed gravel stone poly propylene mats. An elevated dirt-repellent finish attached to a sturdy solid leather backing and attached to any doormat. Little in terms of height, big in terms of effect, welcome mats. 100 per cent UV-resistant non-woven material for interior and exterior use.

Pictures in photographical qualitiy.

Schullogo-Matten - Individual entrance mats for schools

Mat, Inc. offers a range of mats for schools, sports grounds, office, kitchen and common areas. Indoor Mats & Runners These mats are simple mats (without logos) that are commonly used in all entrance ways to schools and sports grounds to keep the visibility of dust and humidity to a bare minimum. Ideal for use in schools and sports centres.

There are many different types of Walk-Off mats available in different colours, styles and dimensions. A number of mats have a grab or backside liner specially developed to remain on the rug. These mats are usually found on the outside of schools' entrance areas. The outer mats are placed outside the entrance and are usually made of either gum or some kind of synthetic scraping used.

The mat material is engineered to quickly dewater and desiccate. Pupils and teachers are given the chance to scratch their boots before they enter the buildings and corridors. These mats are usually used on landslides in schools or on educational lands. Wheelchair pads are often made of elastic material that is stuck or bonded to wheelchair platforms to offer some resilience during use.

VOLYLINE RunnersMats, Inc. provides cost-effective floor mats and running mats that are often used to prevent scratching of sports grounds or catwalks by chair or footfall. Mats, Inc. also provides clear vinylic rug protection that is used in areas where excessive rug movement leads to dust or abrasion on the rug.

Fatigue mats & runners (with holes )For security reasons, most educational establishments buy drain mats for their catering and coffee areas. The mats also offer support for feet and legs for those who need to stay longer. Steps, Risers, Landing Tiles & AdhesivesMats, Inc. provides steps made of gum, vinyls and metals / steps for educational and college stairs & staircases.

Swimming, Shower & Locker Room MattingMats, Inc. can supply washroom mats and rugs for schools and universities, shower rooms, swimming baths andatories. The mats are usually perforated for draining and laid out for walking around with pupils in bare feet. Helps prevent slipping and falling in changing rooms and swimming areas.

Mats, Inc. also provides abrasion -resistant, non-slip, self-adhesive tape developed for walking on bare feet in evenly sliding areas. provides fitness studio mats for gyms in schools and universities as well as training establishments. MatsSchool Offices desktop furniture can opt to buy custom office furniture mats to help prevent scratching and damaging of desks and carpets with castors.

These mats are thinner and more durable than those normally found in traditional shops.

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