Custom Logo Rugs and Mats

Individual logo carpets and mats

No better choice than our individual carpets. Our company specialises in high-quality logo carpets and individual door mats. Individual logo mats and carpets. Autohaus Custom Logo Carpets stand out. Our facility service programmes offer personalised logo mats.

Carpet Rats - Meherrin, VA, US 23954

From 1987 onwards, we have been supplying tailor-made and premium rugs to clients throughout the country, enabling us to establish ourselves as one of the best-known brands in the carpet sector. Specialising in the production of rugs and logo rugs for individual use, Rugs Rats Fine and Rugs offers a large selection of medium and high-end rugs, available to architectural, design, home and commercial clients.

Proud of responding to the one-of-a-kind needs of our clients, we offer solutions and approaches that they may not have taken into account. The Rug Rats has a nursery with thousands of rugs and rugs from all the big factories and designer stores. Our clients are helped to find exceptional and original rugs for private households, companies, church, schools, armies and sport team.

You can experience our cheerful, small-town client services, which are based on doing your shopping, in the store or from a distance via the Internet. Staircases, sisal and seagrass, woven wildons, axminster, staffs, tapestry border and logo carpets are some of our specialities. Would you like an individual blanket that matches your material, your wall paper, your colour or other environment?

Would you like a item of jewellery, artwork or textile to be added to your individual carpet?

Wherefore do companies create individual carpets with their logo?

Wherefore do companies have individual rugs made with their own logo? Outdoors logo mats and corridor rails are also a great place for a rug with your logo. You can embed your logo or color in custom rugs for a stunning appearance. Rugs and walkers also have the ability to reduce slippage and drops.

Buy off-the-shelf gang walkers in our on-line shop.

Customized floor mats, personalized logo mats

When used as a foot mat to present your corporate logo, they offer a truly individual and prestigious reception for everyone. Where to buy Logo mats? State-of-the-art technology reproduces your logo, theme or logo in over 300 different colours on your individual mats. Vivid, informational and eye-catching pictures are printed on our tough quality vinyl pole mats at the point of use.

Security, qualtity and greetings on hard-wearing stacking pads are colourful, educational and eye-catching. Check out our full range of doormats, up to and beyond our logo mats, in our on-line Facility Service Programme Catalogue.

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