Custom made door Mats

Tailor-made door mats

Each season is an adventure Personalized Doormat. A custom floor mat is a unique welcome gift for your home or yours. Personalised large door mats provide a perfect spot of colour and welcome guests to your home. If you are looking for an entry-level product, take a look at our tailor-made door mats. Made-to-measure door mats can be cut with the foot to meet your needs.

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For our esteemed clients, we deplore the fact that, due to the technological challenge posed by new European legislation, we can no longer take orders from the European Union for the moment. You can still order from our UK West Elm website at if you live in the UK.

Questions of consumers protection and consumers protection are at the forefront of our trademarks and we will keep working to make our product available to you. It' s difficult to forecast the speed of world regulatory change, but we have the ultimate aim of offering our product everywhere.

FlorGuard Customized Messaging Mat

The FloorGuard personalised floor mats are made of 100% polypropylene ultraviolet mesh that does not deteriorate in the sun. With a capacity of up to 1.5 gal. of liquid per sq m, these mats are ideal for indoor or outdoor use, where they are partially exposed to the panels. Designed to be robust and reliable, these personalised floor mats trap dust and humidity beneath the mat's outer layer and keep your home free of dust and grime.

Comes in 1 full face sizes (2' x 3'), 6 face pattern decorations and 18 backgrounds. Easily cleaned. Vacuuming, cleaning with vapour, vacuuming, cleaning or blowing off. Personalised Floor Mats are great Christmas presents, closure presents for realtors and homeowners, "thank you" presents for your best clients, players in tournaments, high-end hotel and resort properties, apartments blocks, housing estates, large business clients, incentives and more.

Are you looking for a personalised floor mat for indoor or outdoor use?

Personalised large door mats

Personalised large door mats provide a spot of colour and welcome your home visitors. Specially made for you, these mats give your home the final touches. Select from a variety of colour variants and styles and adapt them to your wishes - we will design the ideal door mats especially for you.

Those are great presents for birthday, anniversary, christmas, wedding shower, wedding, parent, but most of all for you! Every blanket has the dimensions 36 x 24 and is made of hard-wearing material. Her personalised pad lasts through strong circulation and beautifies your home for years to come. Smaller dimensions are also available under Personalised Medium Door Mats.

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