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Tailor-made floor mats for your home

Completely personalized designs on doormats for your boat or dock. Tailor-made carpets can also be produced in any desired size. Manufactured from durable and long-lasting materials, our entrance mats offer additional surface protection on highly frequented areas in your home, office or industrial premises. Tailor-made floor mats are great gifts. With our individual logo carpets you can set a dynamic sign in your home or business!

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Expand your foyer with a tailor-made matt in any dimension, form and colour. Our mats are personalized and come in many different shapes and sizes, from large to small. If you need a small tailor-made pad for a small café or something bigger for the entry of a large guest house, we can help.

Perfect for entrance areas, points of sales, exhibition areas, office and more. We have been dealing for over 15 years and our bespoke mats are made from high grade material and produced here in Melbourne.

Customer Specific Government Floor Mats - Fire Brigade Floor Mats

The Mats, Inc. range of mats and mesh product is wide and suitable for use in public institutions such as firehouses, district and state clinics, public library services, DPS bureaus, court rooms, army bureaus and all other urban premises. The range of mats we offer comprises floor mats for outside and inside as well as steps and ascending pipes.

See the following listing of the most commonly used industrial mats. Designed with the unique company name, adress, icon and/or name of your town, state or municipality in mind. At Mats, Inc., we offer tailor-made floor mats and gratings that specifically blend into deepened areas that are typically found in the foyers of community building.

Occasionally sunken mats are laid at the outside entries. The mats are simple mats (not logos) that are usually used in the front door of municipal, district and provincial governments' building to keep the overview of pollution and humidity to a bare minimum. Ideal for use in the home or office. The mats are also used in car parks and in front of lifts.

Several have been specially developed to remain on the rug. Often the entrance halls or entrance halls of communal building need large, huge floor mats. Mat, Inc. can offer up to 12' width & 60' length maxizes. On request, these mats can be personalised with the corporate identity or name.

For more information about these mats, please call us. As a rule, these mats are situated outside your real estate. Outer mats are usually made of gum or some kind of synthetic scraping compound intended for quick draining and drying. At Mats, Inc., we sell robust outdoor mats that can handle the high volume of pedestrian and vehicular activity in government facilities.

The Mats, Inc. range also includes self-adhesive anti-slip tape. Teppichfliesen are frequently used in the lobbies of publicly -owned state institutions. The Mats, Inc. has rug floor tile in a wide range of styles and colours. One of the advantages of using carpets is the possibility of replacing those that become dirty or damage.

At Mats, Inc., we offer tread flooring in gum, vinyls and metals for stairs and staircases in communal offices. There is a wide range of standard stairs for easy, middle and difficult transport in a variety of colours and designs. Steps with sand strips for the partially sighted can also be offered.

Most of our steps have suitable staircases and landings. Certain public institutions may need mats that are not harmful to the environment. At Mats, Inc. we have a wide range of mats produced from a percentage of recyclable material after consumption. Designed to be green, these mattresses use recyclable rubbers and plastics as raw material for matting and backing.

Municipal, district and state authorities can decide to buy special -size desktop matting to prevent flooring and carpets from being scratched and damaged by swivel castors on desks. These mats are more durable than those normally found in traditional shops. Today, many state institutions provide their employees with health clubs or health centres.

Mats, Inc. provides community services with training and gymnastics floors to meet the needs of their healthcare professionals. Finally, Mats, Inc. can supply roof mats / pads & ridge mats that are used on federal buildings to help guard rooftops and ease repair work.

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