Custom made Floor Rugs

Tailor-made floor coverings

Carpets section >; Custom sizes. Carpet free shipping all over Australia! Tailor-made sheepskin area carpets. Circular or rectangular lambswool surface coverings.

Special designs or stock items made from lambskin or sheepskin.


Silk Road Handmade Rugs creates wonderful works of craftsmanship using old -fashioned and complicated crafts of handwoven carpets. Every handmade carpet from the Silk Road has its own history through a distinctive styling. Handmade from beginning to end, we use both contemporary and tradition techniques of manual tying to produce beautifully durable masters.

Weaving masters in Persia, Afghanistan, India and Nepal produce our items from top grade yarn and virgin fibre. Respecting the competence and know-how of these craftsmen, we make sure that every handmade silkworm is produced under decent working circumstances without the use of children and from ethical material.

In our collections, we offer subtile and stylish modern design as well as fine and classical carpets made by tribal nomads. Breath-taking, our classical collections feature woven fabrics, high value fabrics, vibrant colors and tradition pattern.


Redefining the floor covering adventure. Nearly 60 years of New Zealand manufacturing expertise in high value rugs. Bremworth Cavalier now brings you custom rugs for your home. "Our employees in our plants, who felt and spun our wool yarns or make them into rugs, know this because they check this every single minute.

Therefore, it is natural for us to take this nice piece we make and make it available to our clients in carpet form". There is something for every taste, from our uniquely attractive range of woollen products to our most plush synthetic fabrics. Choose your own styling, color and sizes to create a carpet that is uniquely made for you.

Huge area carpets in individual heights.

Teppichfabrik - Wholesale and retailer rugs & floor coverings! There are also special machine-washable rugs that are ideal for floor protection against dirt and debris. As there are far too many styles to be documented on our website, we recommend that you pay a tour of our shop to see the full carpet collection in our shop.

Tailor-made room carpets that fit your room. Select from 4 favourite colors and have a carpet tailored to fit your room. Available in 4 facsimile structured looks, these carpets give every home a warm and stylish feel at an exceptionally low cost for such large carpets.

Carpets can be tied and moulded to fit. Please contact us at any time for pricing, as pricing upgrades are imminent.

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