Custom made Rubber Mats

Tailor-made rubber mats

Ideal for point-of-purchase programmes, displays, events, trade shows and advertising applications, these tailor-made rubber mats are ideal for the use in the field. The Logo Floor Mats are the perfect addition to any lobby or reception area! American Made Recycled Rubber Rollers, sold in custom lengths! American Made Recycled Rubber Rollers, sold in custom lengths! Single mats are manufactured for specific locations and usually provide coverage for a smaller area.

Customer-specific rubber floor mats, tiles and rollers made of rubber

There will be various different motivations for wanting this special floor covering choice when it comes to using a rubberised finish. Because rubber is such a highly versatile product, it is easily recognized how it can meet the needs of a wide variety of needs, uses and even just esthetic preference. One of the most useful benefits of the many different and one-of-a-kind properties is by far the deformability of the materials, which makes it possible to produce rubber mat rollers, overlapping tile and single mats.

The diversity of surface finishes enables a broader range of uses for this type of covering, making it available for domestic, business, industrial and even high performance exterior use! Several of these optional features can be trimmed to length to create individual rubber foot mats and skids that will match almost any corner and crack.

Roller rubber is particularly suitable for this type of use and is even available in continuous foot length up to 50mm. Commercially available rubber floor tile, on the other side, can be connected like a jigsaw and used to hide larger floor areas. With thick or thin rubber mats, the anti-fatigue and safety coverings are also available for the most exclusive places such as canteens, children's play areas and even fitness studios.

Aside from being a clever, economic alternative as well as long-lasting and rugged, this carpet accessory is readily available in pre-defined style to suit almost any where. So, what exactly makes tailor-made rubber mats, tile and rollers a good solution for such a wide variety of types of flooring?

Learn about the three major surface finishes of rubber to better comprehend why it is such a versatile covering choice. User defined length up to 50ft. American Made Recycled Rubber Rollers, sells in custom length! Individual length up to 50ft. American Made Recycled Rubber Rollers, sells in custom length! User defined length up to 50ft.

Single mats are manufactured for certain places and usually provide a cover for a smaller area. Obviously this is not always the case - some mats are quite large and can cover an area of 4 x 6 feet. These mats are usually developed for particular uses - such as anti-fatigue mats for workers who have to stay up all night, or protective mats that can fit neatly under heavier machinery, devices and even training devices.

Highly structured mats are ideal for entry areas to give added comfort and feel, keeping you on your toes even in damp, wet and dirty conditions. Such mats can even help trap these impurities to get a cleaner indoor environment. The rubber mat rollers can be used as full scale flooring or as single runs providing a safe finish through passages, halls and passages (indoor or outdoor).

In order to be able to apply this type of floor covering to the whole floor of any room, the rubber can be placed side by side, resulting in an almost smooth floor texture. To make this a semi-permanent floor covering choice, a double-sided adhesive strip can readily be attached to attach the rubberised floor covering to the substrate.

Rubberised tiling, such as rollers and skids, is well adapted to offer a broader and broader covering area. As mentioned above, commercially available rubber tiling can be snap together and extended outwards to provide virtually unlimited cover. Since we are sure, however, that a certain finish has limits, there are end caps that give the tiled floors a polish and finish.

The three different types of floors provide a sound base for the available ground textures that can be used in virtually any area. For example, boating deck and dock, playing area, industrial areas for heavier loads, assembling line and workplaces - these and many other places can afford tailor-made rubber mats with many useful features.

The rubber mat rollers, tile and mat are often manufactured using recyclable and reconditioned raw metals from car tyres. For example, commercially available rubber flooring and other floor coverings using this recyclable product have adopted these all-weather and all-terrain characteristics! By using recyclable raw metals, whether large or small, thick or thin, rubber mats are an economical option.

Recyclable rubber is simpler to work with than either virgin or untreated rubber, and these are economies that are shared with the consumer. A further great advantage of these commercially available rubber floor tile, skid and mat is the relatively simple way in which they can be installed. Skids / rollers, mats and floor slabs are as simple to lay as they are to roll out, lay or snap together.

Whether you are looking for something special or an ordinary structure for your floors - tailor-made rubber mats are a good selection! Whether thick or thin, rubber mats provide the same elastic strength. The rubber mat castors are available in so many designs and with so many great benefits that we are sure you will find an optional solution to suit your needs.

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