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Tailor-made carpets

The reputation of designer carpets has been earned to create unique and inspiring made-to-measure carpets. A simple geometry and a seemingly endless range of colour combinations give this custom made carpet a contemporary touch. Modern, traditional and tailor-made handmade luxurious carpets. The design process is handmade and the unique techniques I use allow a lot of freedom in shapes, structures and patterns. Exclusive and unique carpets with modern, austere design or contemporary interpretations of oriental motifs, perfectly tailored to your space.

Customer specific carpet sizes

  • Runway Carpets

Explore our choice of bespoke carpets at the following links to get to our vast choice of carpets that you can really make yourself with custom size. The Catwalk Rugs is the first catwalk in the wide variety of catwalks in the industry to feature this convenient little measurement entry and delivery system that allows you to see your current delivery prices and put them in your shopping basket.

There is no other shop or location that makes the whole thing so simple and pleasant. The only thing you have to do is lean back and await our latest upgrades as experienced craftsmen make your custom carpet. When ordering a custom carpet from Catwalk Rugs, please note the following points: As a rule, the lead times for custom-made carpets are approx. 14 week.

You will be informed of your estimated ETA within 48 working days of placing your order. For the most part, we can have it shipped much faster, but it is best to name the top end rather than let you down if there are lags in weave or finish your custom carpet.

A precise schedule of turnaround for different kinds of carpets is : Note that the min. hight for made-to-measure carpets is 500 cm and the min. width 80 cm. Custom carpets cannot be returned for a full refund unless defective. Just as with all handmade/handweaved/hand tufted/hand pile carpets, there must be a certain margin of error for the end dimension of your custom carpets.

Please take into account minor differences in size and look, dependent on the materials, the time of year in which your carpet is manufactured (taking into account humidity) and the design of the pol. And we also deliver nice carpets for trade, government and gastronomy!

Customized carpets RC+D

Designprocess: RC+D has a gifted art collection to assist you in the creation and realisation of your own individual projects. RC+D's 25 years of expertise in the development and manufacture of bespoke handcrafted rugs and rugs with the highest levels of excellence in terms of style, craftsmanship, quality und innovative excellence has led RC+D's industrial experts to ensure your individual visions are met.

We have an extraordinarily gifted and skilled engineering staff, which allows us to precisely interpret your specification and needs. Your samples are then iterated through the entire lifecycle of the product until they fit your visions and are ready for use. The manufacturing process: It is available in handwoven and handtufted versions.

They can be adapted to any requirements in terms of color, surface finish, form and sizing. Handknotted carpets are made from high quality Himalaya wools, satin, linen, cannabis and natural fibres. The old method involved manually woven yarn with wefts and warps made of fine quality organic fibres before being individually tied to the carpet.

Eventually, the final product can be adapted to every type of product and every type of setting, offering the highest structural and visual qualities. RC&D's highly skilled staff of advisors and designer will lead you through our comprehensive product portfolio.

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