Custom made Rugs with Logo

Tailor-made carpets with logo

Individually handmade from high-quality nylon carpet and then hand carved or hand tufted from wool threads. Individual inlay logo mats for outdoor use. CONSTRUCT YOUR INDIVIDUAL LOGO MAT QUICKLY AND EASILY.

Individual Logo Mats - Entrance and Floor Mats | Industrial Carpets

Purchase from top makes such as WaterHog and Wearwell®, both in store and made to measure. For orders of $45 or more, on most floor matting, within 48 bordering states! Get a pad to personalise your room. Select the ideal, individual logo pad and personalise it with a corporate logo or corporate name.

And these are our same high value product, in beautiful style and functional. Make an individual blanket with your own pattern or just mail us a pattern and we will make a blanket for you without additional surcharge. Each custom product has a proof so you can release your designs prior to use. Present your logo directly on the ground.

You can use a logo, theme, shade or 2 " writing for an inner mats. Select from 25 different backgrounds. The same great functions as Classic Xpressions. The pictures are durably colored on polyamide carpets and finished with StainStopper for long lasting use. Producing real, sophisticated patterns with transition colours, subtle letters and subtle details.

High-quality interior and exterior styles. The unique in-lay technique comprises up to 19 bright colours. Combining the best of what's useful with stunning styling possibilities. BrandWaterHog has a small, inserted logo on the bottom, like a digital sign. Inserted print templates and logotypes are imprinted and cast directly into the gum. An industrious mats, with some designer atmosphere.

Create a big impact with the ultimative indoor wall-to-wall carpet and high quality prints. Infinite colours and long life prints. Don't be afraid, our robust blankets can still be classy. Get one with a beautiful, crisp picture. Same SuperScrape functions, but with a small, clear "signature" logo in the bottom area. Highresolution, digital prints in a variety of real colours.

Advertise your company's trademark with a nice logo while your guests and employees are enjoying the convenience of its long-lasting, fatigue-free features. Combining anti-fatigue advantages and individual logo print. Individually shaped classic Xpressions HD mats give you the liberty to make a truly unique mats - and attract the eye of those who pass by.

This heavy -duty matt is ideal for large entry areas and has a dirt-repellent finish that conceals dirt and preserves the look and feel of your logo. The unique in-lay technique uses 17 beautiful colours to bring your logo to life. Comes in any sizes up to 12' x 50' for custom use. Cover your entry with one of our classy Welcome Mats.

Strong colours and designs look good in any door. Same two-tier Waterhog matt engineering and power, now with high-resolution graphic for crisper line, lighter colour and the smallest detail in any logo, badge or image. Load up your logo or artwork and we'll provide you with a free copy that you release before printing your order.

Functions of a Seahog matt, with all colours and progressions of a classic photograph. Explore our art collection with a vast range of styles to stimulate your creative process. Just get in touch with us with the desired construction number. Copy or edit your templates to create a custom look for you - all at no extra charge.

Here are some of our warehouse layouts, ideal for office, retail, QC and more. Impress your staff with colourful design.

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