Custom made Vehicle Floor Mats

Tailor-made vehicle floor mats

The mats are designed to fit perfectly without having to be trimmed. MatchMyCar customized vehicle floor mats, Aurora, ON. Take a look at our personalized selection of car carpets to get the best from unique or custom handcrafted parts from our car parts and accessories stores. In contrast to others on the market, these weather- and waterproof, tailor-made car carpets cover the entire floor and side panels, providing maximum protection. There are no catalogues and we are not willing to sell mats.

Individual car floor mats | Car floor mats Individual with name and logo

Begin your days with a face smiling as you get into your vehicle by having individual floor mats for your vehicle. The very first thing you do in your vehicle can be more enjoyable and entertaining if you stepped on mats that you created yourself! This personalised floor mats are produced according to your wishes in printing or colour.

Then you can mix and match colours and print and add your own logos or designs and names or other text! Don't be satisfied with simple, old, dull Kaufhaus floor mats if you can make your own custom mats! Customise the automobile interiors of your choice by adding even more individual auto parts from our wide range.

Materials and construction: High-grade velours or cottons. Antislip fabric for strength. This is a kit of 4 (front + back) personalised carpets. Front: 16" x 26" - Rear: 16" x 13" If you are not sure whether they match your vehicle, please enter your dimensions in the "Special information" section.

NO SEVERAL ACTIVITY: Please be aware that these floor mats are made of attractive and smooth materials (velour or cotton) and will make your vehicle look attractive and original, but they are NOT suitable for hard use such as dust, ice, mud, etc. Is a great personalised present for any event. Construction instructions: Stage 3: You can select a logo/design from our range or submit your own logo/design and let us put your name or any text on your mats!

Please note: Our floor mats can be used universally and are suitable for all standard vehicles. But if you think they don't match your vehicle, you can let us know your dimensions in the "Special notes" section and we will make them especially for your needs, at no surcharge!

Does the cover match my vehicle? If you give us your vehicle information, we will ensure that the upholstery matches your seating or that your payment is refunded! Which type of product can you create? We can create front, centre and back upholstery, doormats, swivel chair coverings, safety belts, mirrors, visors, gearshift knobs, handbrake coverings, visors and even cushion coverings, garbagebage bags and handkerchiefs!

Please click here to create the inside of your dream now! Which materials are your materials made of? Animals' print is made from velours, a very hard-wearing yet supple fabric that is velvety to the touch. CAMOUFLAY and HAWAIAN PRINTING are made of cottons. Plain colours, 2-tones, checks and strips can be made of both velours and wool.

Please refer to the individual products' descriptions for the materials used. How does the semicustom fitting mean? See the upholstery in your nearest retailer as "universal-fit" upholstery. Essentially, this means that they are suitable for a large number of different types of vehicle. If your seating has specific features such as arm rests mounted, safety harness brackets, integral safety harnesses etc, they will not work at all.

In addition, if you have side curtains and the seats have no opening in them, the curtains will not release in the event of an impact! So, if you want a fitting that is better than the general purpose sized upholstery, but without the powerful $250+ priceplate for a couple, then the semi-custom sized upholstery is for you.

Most of the items bought on our website must be produced with care after each customer's order. Wait 10-14 workingdays until your design is complete. You can use the "Shipping Estimate " page on the Basket page to calculate the shipping costs for individual items or orders once you have placed your items in the basket.

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