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Take a look at our selection of floor mats, bespoke floor mats and large format wholesale and business carpets and rugs. Choose the mat, size and number of individual mats. Individual door mats are the perfect way to promote the image of your company. Individually cut photo mats in any size to give your image the right size. Buy our individual floor mats for your company and present your brand!

Individual Logo Mats | | Individual Doormats & Carpets

Our range includes high-quality, tailor-made doormats for all events and places. Individual mats are ideal to present your company and your company to your clients. Select from our large range of individual mats for specific applications such as anti-fatigue mats, anti-static mats, fitness mats, restaurantmats, arm mats, swimming pools and cooking mats.

Customize entrance mats and doormats to give your company a first taste of what your company is about when it comes to delivering top workmanship. There is also a large selection of simple or unlogged mats, ideal for entrances to buildings and offices. A further speciality, inner mats are ideal for advertisement and promotion.

We offer complete blanket solution from our full-colour solid mats for the point of sale (PoP mats) to our customer-specific mats. In addition, our embroidered mats use a nitrogen blanket backing that is perfect for holding the mats in place and lying down neatly. Contact one of our experienced custom doormat specialist and they will help you find the right wallpaper for you.

Custom interior wallpaper mats are ideal for both presenting your company image and capturing dust and moisture when your clients come in. Doormats at the entrances keep your lobby areas tidy and make a good first impact with your clients. Teppichbodenmatten, advertising effective full colour mats: We have everything.

Outdoors Custom Logos foot mats are ideal for collecting dirt and scratching footwear cleanly. Outdoors mats are great to help differentiate your make and attract awareness to your make when crowds come past your store entrance. P.O.P. means Point of Sale. These are high definition, full colour logomats imprinted for presentation on the ground.

Matting that attracts a lot of interest. Matting is a great way to advertise promotions and bring your brands to market in a shop, trade show, or shop. Antimatter mats are specially designed mats that help prevent tiredness when humans are standing in one place for long stretches of the day. Designed with a padded plastic padding to help your legs and legs.

You can use these mats with individual logos for checkout, hostesses and production areas. Built-in Floormats are entry mats that are placed outdoors in a sunken or canopied area. Embedded mats are a good way to present your company and leave an imprint. Unicoloured mats are unlabelled door mats for general use.

The mats can be placed at the entrance to collect dust and moisture, or used as running mats in corridors. Unicoloured running mats offer useful protection against moisture and soiling, when brand-building or advertising is not required.

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