Custom Photo Rug

Individual photo carpets

Give your home a touch of luxury with personalized, lovingly handcrafted carpets. Transform your personal pictures or designs into a carpet made to measure! We' ve got the easiest and most versatile tools to turn your photos into memories. The Rug Rats can ship your individual photo mats in two weeks or less! Tailor-made carpets printed & made to measure with your motifs.

User defined tapestries | Print your own carpet with photos.

Add the warmth and atmosphere your home needs by creating your own unique photo carpet. With our beautiful range of custom carpets, the ideal way to add your own individual touch to your home. No matter what your d├ęcor is, you can imprint your own carpet to fit it. Precious smooth fabrics make your legs very comfortable, and perfectly designed prints give your pictures and design vitality.

Personalized carpets are a great way to show off your styling talents, your favorite photographs and your great tastes. Carpets are a stylish and practical accessoire that can add a touch of elegance and warmness to any room in your home. Ranging from carpets to large carpets, you'll enjoy creating and putting them in your home.

A qualified technical staff works together to design, produce and sew your carpet to provide a smooth and impeccable finishing. Some of the most important characteristics of these handmade carpets are listed below: During the manufacturing phase, we have tried different carpet styles so that we know how important it is to make your carpet work.

It gives your legs a lot of padding and prevents your carpet from sliding around on the ground. Your photographs and design are eventually photographed on our gorgeous velvety shimmering cloth. Its glossy shine makes your pictures stand out beautifully. You apply your personal touch to your clothes and interiors, so why not adapt it to show your personalities?

There are 6 different carpet types and dimensions, so you can integrate them into just about any living area in your home. They can even have your own carpet printed for each room. When you have kids, make a theme for each of them. Add their names, pictures or maybe even pictures of their favorite singer, movie or soccer teams.

If you' re a teenager who "just needs their space," give them a carpet to knock on before they get to their room. The duvet can be individually designed with photographs and texts. Draft one to put just outside their bedroom doors to let folks know if it's safe for them to go into their youth camp.

The corridor carpet, which is long and slender, is one of our most beloved individual tapestries. When you have a large footprint that you want to fill, choose our XL-type. Measuring 128 x 290 cm, this huge piece of art will add a touch of charm, glamour and character to this empty room.

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