Custom Printed Carpet

Individually printed carpet

Individually printed floor coverings, tiles and rubberised Marley materials are durable, non-slip and as impressive as they are safe. With our individually printed dye sub-carpet, you can stand out from the crowd with vibrant colors and high resolution. View all sizes of our exhibition carpets online. Enhance a Colour produces digital dye sublimation print carpets in stunning colours and vibrant details. Not sure yet what a tailor-made folding or printing carpet will look like at your event?

Carpet tiles printed - Display 2 Go

The use of printed carpet flooring allows you to provide a uniquely wearable floor covering for your events or exhibitions. Pieces can be placed together to produce a large picture, or with different colors on each piece to produce a 'chessboard effect'. Watch the video below to see how six printed carpet slabs of 500mm x 500mm can be joined together to form a bigger 1.5m x 1m picture.

Carpet printed carpet is produced in a format that suits you. One of the most common sizes is 500 x 500mm. Teppichfliesen are perfect for occasions where a high-resolution, short-term response is needed, such as an exhibit or the opening of shopping malls. All our tile is coated with 1.5mm thick wetoprene, which provides superior grip on the underlying ground while retaining a thin pattern.

Weighing in at approx. 2.8 kg per m², the floor tiling is very light. That means that each 500 x 500 mm large ceramic floor slab weighs approx. 0.7 kg and each 3 meter x 3 meter large floor slab (9 m² in total) weighs approx. 25 kg. A 1.8 mm thick layer of wet plastic has been applied to the floor covering so that the overall width is approx. 3 mm.

Embroidered Logo Coloured Mats and Carpet Coloured Inkjet Printing Mats

Our Premium Heavyduty Carpet Dyed brand premium brand carpets are manufactured at our Melbourne plant from a luxury, air freshened, antistatic, highly durable nonwoven fabric. And we can even take pictures and put them on this thick carpet of polyamide. It is our pleasure to prolong a 2-year warranty on these meshes during regular inspection.

Individual carpets | A perfect finishing

Custom Carpets employees - from managers to workers - are proud of their timeliness, craftsmanship, dedication and professionality. Combine this with the superiority of all Custom Carpets product and you know that your company will achieve impeccable results across all its soils. Custom Carpets' kind employees look forward to taking care of your company.

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