Custom Printed Neoprene Mats

Individually printed neoprene mats

Tailor-made neoprene printed with your photos and pictures. In order to print your own image on the mat surface and resize it, adjust it to your tabletop. The Neoprene Gaming Mat can be adjusted to any desired size. You can print your own designs or pictures on the mat and create an exciting new way to play. If you send me an image with a higher resolution, the print quality will be higher!

Playmat neoprene. Create your own individual play mats. Manufactured to order.

Whether it's imaginary environments, sci-fi, spaces, historic scenery or even imaginary soccer, the entertainment experience is as enjoyable and enjoyable as it is off-line. When you like to fight or even play cards and boardgames, you need to create your own custom mats.

The neoprene matt is printed with your artwork to create a durable high-definition finished product. Your mat's back has a non-slip structure so you can use it on a variety of finishes, for example carpet and rigid. Adjust the width of your game pad to any desired width and let the game begin.

As soon as they are loaded into our system, they are tested for accuracy to make sure they look great after printing. Drafts are then sent to our technical staff, who use special techniques to apply your own neoprene mesh to your work. Rather than just printing on the top layer, we go into the fibers of the tissue at very high temperatures.

After printing, your individual play mats are trimmed at the edges and a non-slip back is glued to the back of the material. The neoprene is a robust and long-lasting material. In case of any doubts, place a neoprene wipe between the irons and the neoprene to keep it out. The neoprene playing pad is an empty screen awaiting your individual design.

Printed from frame to frame on the front of the cloth, we offer you a spacious area for the presentation of your work of art. Because neoprene is such a great material for printing, we suggest using its excellent printing characteristics. If you upload your designs, note that we are cutting at the edges, so please make sure all detail is within the rules.

When you scratch your brain and try to think about what you can buy your game-obsessed boyfriend for his anniversary, we have the ideal one. Build a custom neoprene playing mat just for them and help them take their love of games to the next levels. So you can go as large and fat as you dare.

When you know your favorite puzzle pack, make a theme that contains important items and detail. Besides the battle play, these play mats can be used for a number of other funny purposes. So if you are an owners of a downtown that wants to add a little more enjoyment and interactivity to your facility, why not develop a set of great online casino casinos that are bigger than the lives your clients can have?

Printing massive version of classical snake and ladder game, Monopoly, Lady and more. Put the mats in different box stop areas in your mall so your shoppers can take a rest from grocery shopping while enjoying having their boyfriends play their favorite game. Expand your creative collection to a whole new crowd and make your own neoprene game mat art.

The mats can be used by players to make their wargame hobbies come to life. Here's a list of the mats they can use. Make themes using classical gameplay, but give them your own custom spins to set them apart from the masses. Printing on the mats is extraordinary, with high emphasis on subtle detail and line and beautiful color rendering.

Customize them in different dimensions to meet the needs of different players. In what dimensions are the play mats available? They can arrange your individual play matt in each desired dimension. Understanding that different matches demand different dimensions, your mats will have an open entry up to a max of 1.3 x 2.1 meters.

Just enter your sizes on the designer panel. How are the mats made? Her new playmat is hand-made from our individually printed neoprene web. It is a thick, supple and matte weave that is easy to roll and transport. It' a 1.000 g/m sq weight hard board makes the ideal finish for games.

Neoprene prints are a great way to see your design in all its splendour. Because of the material surface the blanket is an outstanding screen for very detailled design. What is the best screen size for you? Our prints are made at 200 dpi, which is a good mix of good image size and good image reproduction.

When every single color is important for your artwork, select CRYPT because our set-up prints every color with the greatest possible matching within our available area. When the relation between the colors within the picture is more important, select RGB, then all colors will be reduced equal to suit our area.

Gramm per sq m (GSM) is an internationally accepted measurement method for the mass of pulp or tissue. The GSM uses the mass of one metre squared (1000 x 1000 mm) as an indicator of the mass and width of a given tissue. When you print, the additional print will be called a "bleed area" or border and it will be taken away from the part.

However, it is important to fill your gate areas fully or you will get blank stripes of blank colour at the edges of your end use. Are you printing on clothes that a client delivers? Our clothing is all printed on plain woven fabrics and stitched into final pieces for a better finish and all-round printing.

However, we produce custom printed dye papers so that you can squeeze your fabric or shallow clothing if you have direct contact with a heating machine. Could you orient a pattern or pattern across the panel of a piece of clothing? Our aim is always to achieve the highest precision in your clothing production and imprint.

Due to the inevitable stretching or moving of the material during the sewing operation, however, we cannot ensure perfectly patterned recognition over the seam of the clothing. Is it possible to have my own stickers printed? Now most of our apparel has a printed tag room so you can include your own corporate information and your own logo. When you want to stitch in your own stickers, we also have printed material stickers.

What are the environmentally friendliness of textile print? For the sake of environment awareness, all our materials are printed with fully water-based ink. With our thermal fixation process, the colors and pressures are fixed and the disadvantages of damping, such as surplus or polluted waters flowing back into the sewage system, are avoided. Our company has a facilities where we take care of all print, manufacturing and fulfilment.

Our company offers a committed manufacturing facility and a variety of quick supply solutions. Over the past 14 years, we have printed and handcrafted innumerable personalized items for a variety of clients around the globe, many of whom have become faithful clients who enjoy not only our product but also the attention, expertise and commitment of our people.

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