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Individual carpet design online

Create a blanket online with our software that is easy to dye, paint, measure and get at a great price. When you want your carpet to match your sofa, curtain, etc.. Take a look at our carpet collection online. Tailor-made carpet solutions offered with our consulting and design services.

The App takes you to the designer's place to create an individual carpet.

Individual carpet manufacturer: Online carpet design with the help of online softwares in terms of sizes and colors.

And we will advise you and never pass your design on or palm without your consent. Carpet design is very easy to use carpet design softwares. Step 1: Add basic and highlight colors. Much of our design is pre-colored and only requires the selection of an emphasis color of your choosing.

Just click the "Size" symbol and enter your desired sizes, then click the "Color" symbol and choose a basic paint, then click the "Change Paint " symbol. When you are happy with the overall picture, click "Add to cart" to store the design and colors. With some design choices, you can begin with a clean screen and redesign your design from the ground up.

1: Click on the "Size" symbol and enter your height in inches. 2: Click the Paint symbol and choose a basic paint, then click Modify Paint. 3: Click the Image button and choose a design you like. Choose a design coating and it appears in the basic colors.

4: Move the cursor or touch the picture to display the border of the design view. With the help of the frames grips sizes and positions of the construction layers. 5: Move the cursor or touch the picture to display the Layers panel, click the color dial and choose a color for the plane.

Hint: You can apply and color more than one layer, but you must use the arrows in the picture box to move the layer you are working on back and forth.

Custom Carpet Design Online | Personalized Carpets

Encircled by a view of luxurious design carpets, you can select and select at will. Select the individual carpet design you like from our large selection of contemporary design carpets. And you can select different forms - squares, rectangles, round carpets, ovals or corridors, just select it.

Choose the individual carpet you want - handwoven carpets, handtufted carpets or flat woven carpets. Lastly, specify the precise measurements of your individual carpet, choose the pitch size and let us know how many of our individual carpets you would like to own. Now you can look at your individual design ceiling in an real room situation.

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