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Belgotex, Africa's leading carpet manufacturer, is the online carpet manufacturer for Yudu. You have searched every possible carpet dealer nearby for the perfect carpet to place in your room, but you cannot find it. Carpets that are unique, made to order or stored. Carpets oversized, shaped carpets in different textures or materials can be made to measure according to your wishes. A pioneer in the art of manufacturing Tibetan carpets and one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of carpets since the early sixties.

Handmade from 100% virgin woollen by FALLON PERSIAN-STYLE PRINTED RUG 1, Jonsun Matte carpets 2.

Handmade from 100% virgin woollen by FALLON PERSIAN-STYLE PRINTED RUG 1, Jonsun Matte carpets 2. jali geo tufted ed matt grey 3. Manufacture Fabric yarn-dyed wools 4th JALI GEO TUFTED styles TUFTED 5th JALI GEO TUFTED sizes 2,5*9', 3*5', 5*8', 8*10', 9*12' 8. Periodically providing free and new design for our clients.

2. 24 hour 24 hour support 3. Soul of our company is our commitment to excellence! With 10 years of exporting trade worldwide all over the globe, all common standards in various countries are followed during the manufacturing proces; 2. 2 years guarantee in good working order no mater where you are; 3. 5 years Japanese and German markets expertise for high standards of workmanship; 4. solid manufacturing controls based on AQL 2.5 and complete inspections for keys and end products; 5. OEM services, ODM services, design services and custom made is available in our plant.

User defined carpets: Tell the carpet manufacturer what you need to know

Perhaps for this situation it is best to order a tailor-made carpet. With a carpet made especially for you, you will definitely grasp the items you want your carpet to look like. Though a custom rug can cost you more, at the end it will give you the precise detail you want.

When you plan to have a woollen blanket made according to your wishes, here are the important things you need to supply the carpet manufacturer: Please submit the width and length together with the required width to the carpet manufacturer. Some carpets are not square, so you can choose to toy with different forms.

What is good about individual carpets is that there are no restrictions on form. While carpet manufacturers may not be applying colorants to carpet, you can ask them if you really want a dash of stain. Explain your carpet manufacturer your carpet budgets so he can suggest alternative carpets if your preference exceeds your budgets.

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