Custom Rugs

User defined carpets

As well as our extensive selection of carpet collections, we offer Custom Made by Design for unique visions, colours or size requirements. Discover the endless possibilities of carpet design with our Custom & Custom Service. Create your own personal carpets for luxurious living. Carpets for your home, office or architectural project. Handcrafted Moroccan carpets - individually designed by you.

Tailor-made carpets - handmade premiums

Designers have earned a renown for making custom-made, inspiring and one-of-a-kind carpets. With our gifted in-house creative staff, you will be guided through every stage of the tailor-made project to make sure your visions are realized. One of the most thrilling steps of the tailor-made trial is perhaps the first one.

This is where we encourage clients and professional designers to present colour chippings, patterns, plans or photos that help create the outline. Clients can use these items to inspiration a selection from one of our many exhibited carpets or to carry on the customisation making pathway and allow us to breathe fresh air into their idea with a specially designed carpet.

Choosing the right color is an important phase of designing consulting. A champion of extraordinary craftsmanship, Designer Rugs provides the highest level of texture and finish, including New Zealand wools, silks, textured yarn, cuts, loops and poles. Our clients also have the opportunity to carve detail for that certain something.

As soon as the theme and color are chosen, our creative staff will set you up and present you with a true to size work. It includes finishing color enhancements and other patterns that allow you to visualize your completed carpet. After your agreement, the manufacturing can begin. As with all our carpets, your tailor-made carpet will be handmade by experienced craftsmen.

Designer Rugs' staff monitors the whole process of producing your carpet, letting you lean back and await the thrilling call that lets you know it's there.

Customized carpets RC+D

Designprocess: RC+D has a gifted art collection to assist you in the creation and realisation of your own individual projects. RC+D's 25 years of expertise in the development and manufacture of bespoke handcrafted rugs and rugs with the highest levels of excellence in terms of style, craftsmanship, quality und innovative excellence has led RC+D's industrial experts to ensure your individual visions are met.

We have an extraordinarily gifted and skilled engineering staff, which allows us to precisely interpret your specification and needs. Your samples are then iterated through the entire lifecycle of the product until they fit your visions and are ready for use. The manufacturing process: It is available in handwoven and handtufted versions.

They can be adapted to any requirements in terms of color, surface finish, form and sizing. Handknotted carpets are made from high quality Himalaya wools, satin, linen, cannabis and natural fibres. The old method involved manually woven yarn with wefts and warps made of fine quality organic fibres before being individually tied to the carpet.

Eventually, the final product can be adapted to every type of product and every type of setting, offering the highest structural and visual qualities. RC&D's highly skilled staff of advisors and designer will lead you through our comprehensive product portfolio.

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