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User-defined carpets and mats

Tailor-made carpets for home and office. Tailor-made, weather-independent UV-stabilized outdoor carpets, personalized floor mats and logo mats for companies. Carpets printed with your photos, works of art or classic patterns lend character to both wooden floors and plain carpets. Main page " Individual carpets & mats. Design your own individual blanket or mat.

Individual carpets - Carpet Call Australia

Carpets are a great starting point to develop a new feeling for a room or a home. MEs are our tailor-made carpets. Manufactured by first class artisans, these carpets are handcrafted and each one is inimitable. - Colour - choose from our wide colour palette, from gentle neutrals to light, dramatically colour.

  • Form and Sizes - choose the form and dimensions of your ceiling, whether quadratic, rectangle, the ideal length for your corridor or a circular ceiling for the heart of the room. Once you have left your data on this page, one of our experts will get in touch with you to find a place and timeframe that suit you.

Feel free to contact one of our experts, who is at your disposal today without commitment, or use the following contact information to send us your request for custom-made carpets. For more information on purchasing our carpets, please refer to our delivery and return policy. To find out more about selecting and purchasing the best new carpets for your home, take a look at our comprehensive carpet buyer's guide and frequently asked questions, or contact one of our enthusiastic professionals by phoning 13 carpets (13 7847) or visiting your nearest Carpet Call Centre.

Tailor-made to design - The carpet collection

As well as our wide selection of carpet collection, we provide Custom Made by Design for your individual vision, color or sizing needs. Sketch your own work of art or choose from our catalog of warehouse styles, with the versatility to determine color and sizing. Choose from a wide selection of qualities and constructions to make the perfect carpet for your project:

Handmade using high-quality raw material from virgin woollen, blended woollen fabrics or artificial silk. One of the Texturoptions are: - Cut pill is an erect nap that uncovers the ends of the woollen fiber. Once the designs and colors have been determined, you decide on the carpet dimensions and shapes. Form choices include: As soon as the work of art has your autograph, the carpet is made by experienced craftsmen in India to make an authentic, high value carpet in a period of about 12 to 14 week.

Streamlined, custom flat fabric drafting processes. Choose a theme and color option from the palette of custom flatweaves and specify a sizing. Placing your order and it will be individually tailored to your needs.

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