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Find out why Canada's best selection of handknotted carpets for the region. Manufactured from a combination of silk and wool, our carpet ranges from standard sizes to individual orders for every room. There is a wide range of Area Rugs available and we can order any of our rugs individually to make any size, colour, border and binding for your Area carpet. Carpets Indo Designer, Calgary, AB. Quick delivery on made-to-measure carpets.

Customer specific carpet design | The River

We were lucky enough as a designer to create tailor-made rugs, room rugs and staircases for many of our customers. And we thought it would be enjoyable to divide the designing of one of our most original staircases. We partnered with our Tai Ping Carpet friend on this stunning venture.

Most of the stairs, together with the main part of the house, were laid with a characteristic "Builder Basic" shade rug in shadowwood. As it was functionally designed, the clothes began to show and the customers were prepared for something new. Thinking this would be a great occasion to make a complete individual showpiece, we began to pull together all the materials and surfaces from the adjacent areas of the house.

We first got our inspirations from the Bow and Elbow in Calgary and after talking to the astonishing Tai Ping crew we knew we could come up with something very different. Part of the first step (forgive the pun) in this is to choose the best colors for your pom (the sweet little bunches).

We have sent this pack of fabric and equipment to the Tai Ping staff so that they can adapt the colors to their own threads. Tai Ping's artiste has come up with a few ideas and as soon as we have decided on the precise layout, a definitive rendered will be created. That is the model and the sample of how the rug is made.

This detail is truly unbelievable and it's difficult to believe that so many colors flow into the overall look! As soon as we all are in agreement about designs and colors, a strikes off (a nice term for pattern) goes into full scale use. It will take about four week and they will make a 2ft x 2ft specimen of a part of the carpet outline.

We have integrated a four-coloured woollen winding into the stream as the principal rug for the remainder of the building. By the time the strikes reached Calgary, we were excited and the customers were in love with him. An alteration we made to the definitive pattern was to bring the entire rug to the same level (we didn't want any risk of tripping).

It took about 5 month for the final products to reach Calgary. The 100% woollen rug is worn like a fantasy as the different texts, colors and patterns conceal the wears. Calgary interior design office, Corea Sotropa, is renowned for its challenging yet refreshing approaches to home and restaurant furnishings.

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