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Designed with passion and creativity for people living in and around Dallas, our bespoke carpet options are designed for you. Metroplex Dallas, carpet, runner, wood, tiles, wallpaper, fabrics, carpets, room carpets, blinds, umbrellas, shutters, commercial products. The home of the best handmade carpets from all over the world. Homeland of exquisite carpets in the Dallas Design District. Our company is specialized in tailor-made carpets and rugs with its own artist and experienced sales staff.

Customized carpet options | Created with passion and creativity

Our bespoke carpets are a combination of your enthusiasm and creative spirit with our competence in designing to make a carpet that meets your needs and your personalities. There are several tailor-made options that you can consider according to timeframe, stylistic preference, complex projects and pricing points. Every carpet is tied by hand-woven, with a certain area in the number of nodes per sq. inches, according to customers' wishes.

The carpets are made with the highest level of workmanship, from tradition to contemporary styles. The handknotted carpets, which are first made to measure, are all created with the full colour artwork of an artists. Once the final artwork and colour on piece of hard copy has been approved, a final pattern is created for the final permit before the carpet is manufactured. It can take 14-20 consecutive week from beginning to end, or longer according to the carpet dimensions and sophistication.

Take a look at our individual hand-knotted collections. Handtufted carpets also provide absolute versatility such as hand-knotted carpets in terms of style, patterns, shape, sizing, structure and number of colours, and we are able to order an individual style in a handtufted carpet to match your specific requirements. Individual handtufted carpets are more accessible and delivery time can be shortened.

Take a look at our individual, handtufted range. Custom rugs are the most beloved shape of custom rugs Breitloom. Offered as a reel in a wide range of styles, colours and fabrics. They can be adapted to the size and shape of your needs. Delivery times are much faster than for custom handmade rugs and are only 3-6 week long according to your requirements.

Take a look at our tailor-made broadband line. The skins can be sewn together by hands to make a nice nature look in individual heights. Delivery takes about 8-16 week, according to the type of work. Take a look at our tailor-made coat, skins and coat collections.

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