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Finest handmade carpets in Denver and Crested Butte, hand-picked from all over the world. You can find modern, traditional or tribal carpets and everything in between. Bring top ideas for your home from our experts at Carpet One Floor & Home in Denver, CO. At Aztec we offer tailor-made carpets and runners. IDC Denver Aztec carpets and rugs.

Carpet & Rug family property in Denver CO. From 1983

Domingo hired his kids Jaime and Brenda in 1991 to join the group. Jaime and Brenda channelled their joint creations into a love of beautiful rugs. Today, the team is the leading creator at the forefront of all corporate processes, from conception through manufacturing to final assembly.

The Aztec Carpet & Rugs is known for its incomparable love of detail. With our unrivalled styling skills, we are able to create designs ranging from wonderfully finished individual home rugs to large specialist installations. Rugs and rugs can be seen in a multitude of areas across the nation, from gorgeous multi-million dollars houses to high-end guest houses, fashions retailers and per-soccer arena suite.

No matter whether your styling needs are living, business or gastronomy, our highly skilled staff of professionals will help you select the right products to create a stunning room.

Chamsey | Fine and custom carpets since 1976 - Denver

We' ve changed! 41 years after our initial relocation we have relocated! We are now located at 589 Fillmore Street on the southwestern edge of East Sixth Ave and Fillmore. From the new premium rugs we weave today, to an array of collectable and ornamental rugs, to unique individual carpet designs, we specialise in the ultimate in finesse.

Worldwide we are known for our collections of looms and fabrics.

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The carpets of the surroundings offer heat, cosiness and are ornamental. So they can make a framework in which they can place furnishings and redefine habitats. Humans use them as works of art and conversational works. Areas carpets are very beloved and can be used in almost any room, even in halls and aisles. They can get nice range carpets for significantly less than buying a blanket from a carpet store .

Some things have to be considered when using room carpets. If you have a large room, split the areas of discussion and use a different carpet for each, the carpets may be different, but should be connected by a colour or design.

There should be for a medium size room somewhere from 8 - 24 of the 8? - 24 of the 24? ground between the borders of the area carpet and the partitions of the room. When you want to create a new look with different coloured furnishings, it is much simpler than taking out the whole carpet of the rooms.

Range carpets are like artwork for the ground and they are a good way to give a room colour. Scope carpets with fat patters can be great, but make sure that when you place pieces of furniture on them, the styles are not entirely obscured. Consider your location of your piece of work. Call us to make an appointment in our store or at your home if you are interested in a tailor-made carpet.

Past colored "only" options have been superseded by a variety of color, pattern, and design options."

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