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Find out why prefabricated and customized carpets, fabrics and accessories. Online shopping with free delivery to Germany. Create the perfect blanket for yourself with our high-performance, individual carpet manufacturer. Stela McCARTNEY - CUSTOM MADE SCULPTED RUG. Look who you know on Love Rugs:

Handtufted, Hand knotted, Custom knotted, Passmachine, Woven and Maschine knotted belong to these grades.

Handtufted, Hand knotted, Custom knotted, Passmachine, Woven and Maschine knotted belong to these grades. Most of our rugs are made of woollen material. There is also an ample construction data base of earlier work that can be replicated or customized for your work. As soon as the drafts have been approved, we prepare samples for our clients' definitive release.

Our comprehensive technical services can help you with all your engineering needs, which include consulting, quoting, site visits, installations and transport.

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We here at Floor Store realize that sometimes standards just aren't enough and that's why we like to make it simple to make your own personal carpet. That is the beautiful thing about making by hands, it gives us liberty. Manufactured from the highest grade cotton by experienced craftsmen, your custom carpet will be truly exceptional, a truly exceptional work that reflects your personal touch.


Wellcome to our universe of designs, innovations, craftsmanship und passions. Carpets and fabric are designed for all types of customers and rooms, from gorgeous homes, luxury boats and quaint retreats to chilly office buildings, fashionable hotel boutiques and the Swedish Royal Palace. There are two reasons for every move and every blanket: perfect and passionate.

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With these truly individual carpets, the options are infinite and restricted only by the fantasy of the design. Well-known for their longevity, stylish design, and wow factors, our high end carpets are designed by our top performers. For more information, please contact us with your data and we will contact you or you can call Sandra Meek on 01827 831405.

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Much of our collection is inspired by the Claire countryside of Guernsey, Claire's home islet, which is built on the island's legacy and traditional roots. You can purchase our collection on-line and through a wide range of home decorators, exhibition spaces and retail outlets, or we can work directly with you to create your individual carpet.

Claire's pillows and litters are delicious..... The Dixcart pillows I purchased and threw and Grandes Rocques pillows, all are nice..... Enjoying my own carpet purchase from Claire... I went to her salon and was excited about the vibe.... Attractive, intricate designs, crafted with first-class workmanship.

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