Custom Size Anti Fatigue Mats

Individual size anti-fatigue mats

The interlocking rubber anti-fatigue mats are suitable for covering large areas. This kitchen mat reduces your fatigue all day long. The majority of styles are available in custom sizes. An anti-fatigue mat that meets your needs! As a rule, our mats can be individually cut to the size you require.

Noterax Airug - Individual Cut

Beschreibung - Airug - Custom Cuts anti-fatigue mats offer cushions under the base for employees who are on their legs for long periods at reduced rates. Made of PVC foams in three different colours, these mats can be tailored to size and can help keep them from sliding in the workspace.

Fabric - Made from high grade PVC expanded plastic wadding fabric. The mats are inexpensive, but they are designed as a low priced and long lasting mat finish for areas with moderate to moderate pedestrian activity. Breadth - Airug - Custom Cut mats are available in 2', 3' and 4' width mats.

Size - Individually trimmed mats are trimmed to your required length free of charges in whole steps such as 1', 2', 3', etc. Suggested Applications - Airug Custom Cut Anti-Fatigue Mats are the ideal low-cost mats for areas where convenience and security are paramount. A few areas where these mats have been used together included offices, packing areas, industry workplaces, inspection areas, dispatch areas, laboratories and any other place where cost-effective anti-fatigue mats would be advantageous.

Individual Airug anti-fatigue mats are easily cleaned. As a rule, the servicing of these inexpensive mats includes: Cleaning the surfaces of the foam mats.

Non-fatigue mats and standing mats

Select from a wide range of anti-fatigue mats and stand mats from UPLIFT Desk, Notrax, Wearwell and Rhino. Whatever your working enviroment, we have an ergonomically designed mats for your needs, covering industry mats for storage areas, welded mats, conducting security mats, antimicrobial health care mats, business walking mats, food stand mats, anti-fatigue drain mats and ergonomically designed desk mats.

The majority of our style are available in custom size. An anti-fatigue pad that meets your needs!

Use for anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue matting option provides cushioning and comforts for long periods on the toes. Available in a range of fabrics and designs, these fatigue mats are designed to satisfy both convenience and security requirements. No matter whether you want to equip a plant for your staff or make your shop more convenient for your own use, we have guaranteed anti-fatigue mats for your work.

These anti-fatigue matting choices are often developed to maximise your level of security, and some are fitted with coloured security strips to avoid trip hazards. The fatigue mats are all engineered for fast and simple setup so you can get back to work immediately. When you consider whether it is profitable to buy anti-fatigue mats, the answers are yes.

No matter whether you need work mats for use at home or are considering an installation for a plant or industry area. Ever spend an hour on your legs in a storehouse, garages or other room with heavy floors? Rigid floors can cause considerable discomfort even if you wear high grade footwear and are used to standing on your toes for long periods of time.

Anti-fatigue mats can help improve your comfort, allowing you to concentrate better on your work. Changing the fatigue floor can improve both the work you and your staff can do every single workday. The anti-fatigue mesh option is engineered to make almost any finish a more convenient workplace.

Often used in stand-up workplaces, canteens, office spaces, storage areas and other areas where workers have to walk a lot. Since we have such a large selection of fatigue mats, we are sure that we will have something to suit your workplace or your design.

Many anti-fatigue mats can also be ordered in individual dimensions to suit your work areas, making installations straightforward and uncomplicated. Below you will find our most beloved fatigue mats. A lot of security floors are made of PVC plastics because it is both elastic and very long-lasting.

Anti-fatigue mesh intermeshing in a diamond grain finish, Designed for the highest level of protection, Lightweight Top Matta has a unique anti-fatigue mesh. Not only does the finish drain off moisture from the mat's top layer, but the diamonds and grain structure provide maximum grip for added security. The Comfort Matta mats are also available in a fixed finish with the same rhombus design and can even be used in corporate sports halls.

Ergo Matta line of PVC anti-fatigue mats offers both rigid and ventilated mats. These mats are designed for use outside or in areas where humidity is present, as they allow direct passage of excess air through the pad. When you need tailor-made anti-fatigue mats for large stand-up workplaces, intermeshing anti-fatigue plates are a good option.

This tile fits together to provide a bigger, stronger, more convenient and safer finish. You will find overlapping fatigue plates in rubbers, foams, plastics and rubber/foam compounds to help you find something to suit your particular working area. Using these mesh fatigue plates, you can produce customized anti-fatigue mats in any size and form.

The majority of these mats can be trimmed with a sharpened universal blade, and you can extend the bottom later by just attaching more mats. Our range includes anti-fatigue meshes that use two different kinds of joining systems: All our mats are safely locked so that the mats cannot be pulled apart even during strong usage and use.

Jigsaw puzzles are usually a little cheaper as they are usually made of either expanded plastic or recyclable gum. As a rule, the connection mats for lugs and loops consist of a flexible PVC fabric. They are both great choices when you want to make custom anti-fatigue mats. Intermeshing fatigue tile floors are a great choice for large scale applications where you need large area floors.

When you need industry grade security with anti-fatigue advantages, we have a dozen choices to work with. Long-lasting yet convenient, our industry fatigue mats are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of protective working surfaces. The particularly long-lasting design of the mats makes sure that they will withstand heavy use and heavy use.

Humidity and chemicals resistant means that these mats can withstand items that would interfere with other mats. Specially coated mats prolong the service lifetime of the mats and your return on your investments. Convenient interface enhances staff convenience while maximising security. Soft Foot Fatigue Protection Mesh is widely used in bearings, factory and retailer environments. Available in a range of different size padded mats, the pad provides a convenient finish to minimise fatigue and inconvenience during long working days.

The soft floor mats have a soft edge, which enhances visual impact and security in areas where forklift trucks and other trucks are present. Dura Shield fatigue mats provide superior support, but are covered with Polyurethan. These coatings protect the look and life of the mats and increase their longevity.

The Supreme soft floor mat may be the right option for you if you really want to maximise your comforts. The mats are thinner than the off-the-shelf models, providing even more cushioning and fatigue protection. Available in five size and custom cutting length configurations.

Our fatigue mats are designed to offer excellent levels of fatigue resistance, yet are very long-lasting. It is a gentle motion that enhances blood flow and improves working comforts. Select from a range of individual, end and centre section Comfort Zone mats to customise the look and feel of your flooring. Ends and centres have meshing corners so you can join several mats together without problems.

They can even modify and extend the floor covering as your needs evolve in the market. There are no intermeshing corners between the individual mats and they are conceived for independent use. Our ergonomic floor mats are characterized by an innovating styling that maximizes your convenience and creates a very well-tolerated finish. The mats have trapped voids that help provide a smooth finish, while the compound is long lasting enough to resist pressure when a human is standing on the mats.

These mats are available in two different dimensions, are extremely convenient and can be used in many different ways. We recommend our Ridge Scraper K├╝chenmatten for additional grip and skid-proofing. The mats are perfect for areas where the ground can become smooth, such as crowded areas in live cooking and other areas that have a tendency to get soaked. Mats have a higher edge that keeps fluids on the mats instead of letting them on the ground.

It can help ensure the security of your whole work area by keeping debris at bay and reducing the immediate risks of slipping and falling. The Supreme Sliptech anti-slip mats are the best choice for you. Designed to maximise convenience, these sealed cellular mats have a wearing resistance to most chemical agents.

Offering outstanding towing performance, this security blanket comes in 12 different basic size options to meet your needs. When you need a certain size, we also provide tailor-made anti-fatigue mats to make sure you get exactly what you need. Ergonomic diamond-tipped floor mats provide a patterned finish that maximises both operator grip and comforts.

Available with coloured edge for added security. In addition, these mats are non-sparking, making them a good option for weld areas and other areas where electrical arcing can take place. The Diamond Floor Mats are also available in different versions according to your needs. Supreme fatigue pad is thinner than the regular pad and provides more options for fatigue prevention.

Ultimate Diamond Foot Ergo mat is a full 3/4 inches thick mat for maximum cushioning, comfortable fit and longevity. The marble foot mats provide an unmistakable and interesting marbled look. This anti-fatigue mat is unbelievably simple to wash, which will help shorten your service life. K-Marble Doormat is a larger optional extra that further enhances working convenience with the same cleanability and unmistakable look.

Lots of industry workstations require floors that meet special demands such as electrical arcing, chemicals and even soundproofing. Not only can these characteristics improve the floor's life, they can also provide a generally more secure workspace. Following is a list of some of the special characteristics that are often needed at industry or special workstations.

All our Schwei├čmeister work mats are non-sparking. Specially developed for use in areas where welds are required. The ArmorStep workplace mats are heavy-duty mats for extremely difficult use. It resists chemical attack and excess humidity and resists harsh industry conditions that would affect or harm your standard anti-fatigue mats.

Matta Safety Fatigue toys are perfect for damp conditions because their apertured surfaces maximize fluid leakage. When spills are spilling fluids, they run down through the elevated flooring, while the workers' feets remain on the dried flooring topping. Some of these high strength PVC anti-fatigue mats are even available with a grain finish to enhance skid-resistance and are popular in both restaurant and industrial applications for their skid-resistance and fatigue characteristics.

Anti-fatigue mat is fat proof, which is an important characteristic for canteen canteens. Mats are backed by an amazing 5-year warranty against fat failure, so you can be sure to make an investment in these mats. HPT VIP flagstones are ventilated and provide superior draining so that the personnel remains on a clean finish while the drain remains on.

There are many different kinds of PVC tile and mats available to equip your whole home with these high value anti-fatigue mats. Understanding that you have unique needs when it comes to size in the office, we provide customized anti-fatigue mesh option. When you need anti-fatigue mats for a particular site, please call one of our support team.

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