Custom Size Entry Mats

Entrance mats in customer-specific sizes

The range of mats we offer includes floor mats for exterior and interior use as well as stair treads and risers. Mats are available in hundreds of colour combinations (including "red and yellow, black and white") as well as standard and custom mat sizes. Standard sizes are shipped quickly, or you can customize them in the lengths x widths you need. The Waterhog Premier tiles are perfect for inlays, recessed or individual door openings. Doormats Entrance Doormats Entrance Doormats Doormats Double Doormats Individual size Entrance Doormats Entrance Doormats.

Entrance mats in commercial quality - indoor and outdoor areas

The OmniTrac Premium Grade entrance mats are made of high grade, long lasting and dirt-repellent Polypropylen fibre. We use this stiff fibre to create uniquely matting that combines strength and functionality with flawless imaging. These mats are particularly special because they are available in many individual forms, dimensions and configuration. The FloorGuard entrance mats provide floor protection against the hardness of the panels and retain contamination and humidity during use.

The 100% elastic underlay offers maximal stability, while the commercially available, needle-punched polypropylene fibre clears footwear of grime and soiling. Every burr of the FloorGuard is strengthened with gum to resist high frequency areas. The FloorGuard diamond- entrance mats are the ideal mixture of refinement and longevity. The FloorGuard diamonds provide a one-of-a-kind and appealing surface design, cloth limitations and a selection of 1 or 2 round end cap for ultimate optical attractiveness.

The FloorGuard Diamond mats have a 40% stronger edge than regular floor mats for ultimate strength. It is the most environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly mats ever made. Carpet finish consists of 100% post-consumer plastic PET cylinders. Full gum coating consists only of used car tyres and thus prevents rubbish from dumping.

Powerful entry mats for every event. The EcoPlus is the top class industrial entry mats made of ecologically sound materials. Abraded mezzotint finish with a special needle fleece rug with ultra rough fibres and finish. Extraterrestrial Course solution-dyed fibres in conjunction with traditionally solution-dyed fibres produce an outstanding scrape and wipe effect for the best ground stop.

These mats, backed with a 100% hard wearing elastic band, are both attractive and long-lasting. Sumptuous, solution-dyed polyamide rug coats these mats and captures dirt and damp beneath the mat to help prevent your buildings from overflowing. Ideal for universal use in industrial entrances, corridors,obbies, office desks, office wait areas or other high frequented areas.

Unparalleled multidirectional vent designs in appealing modern corporate colours are absorptive and extremely efficient to scrape floor and trap in deep notches. Obtainable in custom length up to 60'. Guard your floor by removing shoe debris and damp when it gets into your shed. Obtainable in custom length up to 60'.

GrimeFighter Diamond Track entrance mats are densely needled polypropylene rug mats that combine longevity with a clean look. High-low profile finish enhances aggressive cleansing, while sturdy backing provides non-slip grip. It is the ideal mats to stop dust and damp at the doors and create a clean, secure shopping area.

Obtainable in custom length up to 60'. They are made of dirt-repellent polyolefin fibre with a non-slip backing. A great way to stop dust and humidity from entering the doors without breakage of the bench. Obtainable in custom length up to 60'. The reels are 6' x 67' in size and customer-specific cutting is possible.

The mats can be hemmed side by side to make broader mats up to 12'x 50'. The FloorGuard MasterPiece Select mats unite elegance and longevity. Designed to remove mud and debris from your legs from all corners of the road and to look good, the fabric is constructed to be comfortable to wear. Thanks to our unique designs, soil and humidity are kept below the footwear surface, thus avoiding soil and humidity from entering the floor.

As with all other FloorGuard product lines, Masterpiece Select is simple to service and use.

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