Custom Truck Mats

Tailor-made truck mats

The GMC offers a wide range of tailor-made floor coverings to protect your car, truck or SUV. Simple possibility to design individual floor mats for your car or truck: Is the doormat in your vehicle old, weathered and worn, but too expensive to replace? There is a wide range of customised floor mats, semi-custom and general mats to choose from. Tailor-made floor mats and loading surfaces that have been specially developed for your vehicle.


Doormats from Husky Liners Heavy Duty offer year-round carpeting and are available for practically all popular cars. Heavy duty underfloor mats are car related and have characteristics you won't find on conventional mats. A thick rider padded back provides years of service, while high circumference combs contain spilt and deposited material. Elevated combs keep your foot away from moisture, sludge and soiling.

The heavy duty mats are easy to clean and have our back putt springs to keep the mats in place.

Customised floor mats

Selecting the right kind of custom mats will not only help protect your vehicle for the long haul, such as preventing spots or discolouration, but will also make it easy for you to wash your vehicle by just taking the mats off and washed. One important stage in buying the right mat is to decide what kind of materials would be best for your vehicle.

Choose the materials according to the meteorological condition, the required aspects or the haptics. Generally, if you are living in an area that normally enjoys heavy snowfall or rain, you should choose vinyls as they provide excellent humidity stability. A further detail that you may want to keep in the back of your head is the adaptation of the colour of the individual foot mats to the interiors of your cars.

There is no need to be satisfied with the classical dark colour, as the mats are made of different colours of contemporary material. Ensure that your vehicle retains its contemporary look even after a long period of usage by choosing appropriate individual mats.

Customer specific shaped floor mats & floor coverings

Individually shaped foot mats and liner are adapted to the car to suit the ground contour of your journey and provide optimum cover and shield. Featuring elevated corners, padded ducts and tough synthetic lip seals to absorb and retain perspiration until you can empty your mats.

In general, custom moulded door mats and linings have a rigid, rubberised synthetic structure with just the right amount of give and feel (Rugged Ridge door mats are an exceptional case with their ultra flex designs that you may prefer). It is one of the main reasons why our clients like these mats.

Simply push your individually shaped foot mats and liner into place and they are protected from the front to the backrest. Frequently described as ground coverings, they differ from our all-weather mats in that they are much more robust and engineered to fit your make and models. The majority have a rigid finish like WeatherTech DigitalFitĀ® flooring, but some, like Lund's Catch-It Carpet mats, are carpet laid.

Their precise, tailor-made equipment makes them a high-quality covering and is therefore a worthwhile capital outlay. Find out about our best-selling foot mats and floors and protect your truck from the breakdowns of time. We are asked again and again about the difference between these two top mat makes.

Find out more about the difference between floors and mats for your truck. and carpeting mats. Guideline on the difference between precisely fitting, semi-automatic and universally applicable doormats.

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