Custom Waterhog Mats

Individual Waterhog Mats

Locate commercially available door mats, including recycled Wasserhog Eco mats and custom logo mats at guaranteed low prices. The Waterhog logo mats are our most popular floor mats for indoor and outdoor use. The WaterHog Classic Diamond Mat Custom Cuts available! High pimpled design with rubber dam edge. Warelogo - WaterHog Sculptures - Classic Impressions HD Custom Shape.

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The fissured design is ideal for high volume areas to remove debris. The moulded gum does not bend or slide. A unique patterned pattern of diamonds efficiently eliminates all shoe debris and allows only neat insoles to get into your interior. - The edge of the cofferdam can hold up to 1.5 gal of soda per metre2.

  • Available in a variety of colour choices. Grab all the functions of a Waterhog Classic Diamond together with a fitting cloth edge. - The edge is supplied in the same colour as the one selected for the mesh. Cover large areas and is perfect for custom cutting application. The unique herringbone design of these large inner mats scrape away all sand, dirt and damp.

Manufactured from 100% recyclable material. Our Waterhog Eco lift mats help keep your lift safe from undesirable scrapes, notches and damages for years to come. - Carriage and baggage flow across the stable, slanted boundary. Originals, for superb tracking and scrape, with a heightened edge to catch debris and debris.

As with our Classics, where the appealing fibre finish also covers the elevated edge of the elastic. - Available in 19 colour variants for an eye-catching look wherever you place it. - Fashion mats begin at $15. Perfect for humid working areas, without elevated edge to allow easy drainage of excess moisture.

  • Select from 7 different size and 19 different colour choices. - More than a Dozen Colour Choices! Combat soil and rescue the planet with our environmentally safe mats made from recyclable tyres and synthetic cylinders milled into smooth fibres. - Elevated elastic edge and ribbed diamonds surface design trap dust and humidity.
  • Select 8 different colour choices. This is the ideal recycling fibre blanket if you want to be stylish but don't want to make compromises on your work. Elegant trendy edging. Advertise your trademark and at the same time protect your floor from contamination and soiling. Equipped with 20% recycle back and 100% recycle back shell made of synthetic material. - Stylish, more detailled fishbone facial features catch filth.
  • 8 colour choices to fit your decor. Breathtaking Eco Elite fabrics, with the same recycle fibre that covers the elevated elastic edge. - Mixed thick recycle fibres for a great heavy duty wiping mats. Antistatic, available in various colours and sizes to meet your specific needs. - Fibre bundles with alternating pattern of diamonds to collect dust and humidity.

Cutting-edge styling with a dense, alternately textured fibre system gives your flooring a great look and good abrasion resistance. Robust against dust, environmentally friendly. Fishbone patterns made from recyclable material. - Traps dust and humidity, inside and outside. Anti-squeeze rubber-reinforced finish extends stack lifetime and makes it ideal for professional or private use.

  • and prevents them from propagating. With 20% recycle back and 100% recycle back.

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