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Corporate Research & Investment Information. The Custom Wholesale Floors division is a wholesale company offering parquet flooring services. Check out Custom Wholesale Floors Inc. Find out why you are looking for a local flooring and carpet store in Jacksonville? Type a name to find and confirm an email >>> Get instructions, ratings, and information for Custom Wholesale Floors in Atlanta, GA.

Customer Wholesale Floors, Inc: Information on private companies

Customs Wholesale Floors, Inc. sells parquet floors made of solid timber. The company provides floors, which include prefabricated and semi-finished wooden floors, marquetry and edgings, corkb floors and laminated floors, as well as various related items and components such as noise control equipment, anti humidity equipment, glues, fastening elements, grinding materials, coatings, machinery, mouldings and washers. Custom Wholesale Floors, Inc. key personnel

There were no Key Executives registered with Custom Wholesale Floors, Inc.

Work at Custom Wholesale Floors: staff evaluations

It was a good business to work for and to expand in the course of your careers. In the morning I start entering DANIK information into our DANIK computer system to capture everyday cargo requests. Also, I have full command of the two-week pick-up lorry that is picked up through our four other Florida offices.

I' ve learnt how to use the fundamentals of a computer and how to handle different types of computer programs. My employees and the possibility to administer the plant in an efficient way are a pleasure for me.

Customer Wholesale Floors Inc.

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The Southern Wholesale Flooring Company is very enthusiastic about our 2019 Advertising Tour.

The Southern Wholesale Flooring Company is very enthusiastic about our 2019 Advertising Tour. Now, with each Core Floor or Core Floor Xtreme purchased, we will be donating $1.00 per box, split between our rescuers. Always keep this in mind when you buy a core floor or an Xtreme flooring system, you are always trying to help pets in need.

Meanwhile, most of you have learned about our 2019 pet support program. We' re very happy to divide our contribution for the first three months - a solid $9,018.00! This will be divided evenly between the Etowah Valley and the Cherokee Humane Society, two emergency housing communities that serve our area.

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