Custom Woven Rug

Individually woven carpets

Take a look at our selection of individually woven carpets to get the best from unique or individual handmade pieces from our carpet shops. If a carpet is woven, the original specific properties of the carpet (Kazak, Cuba, Shirvan or Karabagh) are taken into account. Our studio is a craftsman's workshop that produces innovative, individual carpets and at the same time attaches importance to material, quality and construction. The carpets we make are handmade in America. Protect every square foot with our custom woven carpets!

Made-to-measure carpets, made-to-measure woven carpets, ARFP

Here you may have the opportunity to get to know how carpets are made and to buy carpets with the professional guidance of our staff. Practically any dimension, form, colour and style can be manufactured to precise specification, using the finest Azerbaijan sheep's pure woollen materials.

If a carpet is woven, the intrinsic properties of the carpet (Kazak, Cuba, Shirvan or Karabagh) are taken into account. This means that our carpets are made in the same way as the carpets that were made centuries ago. Branch densities, flores and colours are produced according to genuine antiques patterns.

Carpets of the highest qualitiy on the shelves. Choosing the carpet color is a matter of individual decision and the most important. Available in almost any color, design and finish you can think of, our bespoke carpet is available in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures. They will want to choose a color that will create and combine their decoration and create the desired ambience.

You can choose any media for color, cloth, color shavings or any textiles you have as color references. Customer specific colors are available in any type of pattern, sizes or qualities. Â This allows you to have a true custom rug that gives you one of a kind décor for your home or office. When you buy a rug from us, you will be able to choose the one that suits you best.

Can be a neutrally colored fabric that blends into the fabric, or can be a lively center of the room that makes a message that mirrors your own personal styling. Our work is mainly based on genuine carpet patterns from the Caucasus. However, customers who have a particular theme in mind too (e.g. to adapt an already created pattern) or who would like to develop a completely new carpet theme are welcome to get in touch with us.

When you have your own personal rug or your own corporate identity, you can have it integrated into an individual carpet. They can be very basic or very detailled and include different colors. Carpets should be large enough to hold the set, but carpets are not flooring.

You can hang your own design carpets at a specific place in your home. Contrary to our off-the-shelf models, our custom built rugs are available in your size to match your corridor for a dramatically styled look. Do you need measurement consulting for a problem we have not discussed here or would you like more information on how to take measurements of custom forms and sections?

Please do not hesitate to contact our kind designer staff. As a rule, we handle your order within 30-60 workingdays, according to the carpet sizes, designs and qualities. Deduction pattern will take approximately 4 week to deliver (if required). Your order will be woven directly and delivered from our Baku factory to your home.

  • For a standard pricelist for custom carpets, please contact us. 1 - Select a theme from our collection or submit your own outline. 2 - Select your colors from our color cover. 3 - Select the right height and form, whether rectangle, square, round, oval or other unusual forms.

4 - If you wish, we can weft at our expense an 18" x 24" or 45cm x 60cm stripping area.

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