Customize your Logo

Design your logo

Rummage and create your design. Customize your logo completely with unlimited changes. Produce a consistent, recognizable branding with an individual logo. Logo is an essential part of a recognizable branding. Create business forms such as stationery, envelopes and folders for your company.

Generate individual surveys with your logo and branding.

Offer your employees a personalised interview environment that remains loyal to your brands. No matter whether you want to set small personalised accents or want to set up individual polls that attract attention for the right reason, we can fulfil your needs. Quickly modify colours and type, customise your own pictures, or browse your library photographs.

Apply your logo or show your mark only from beginning to end with our wide range of functions. A free trial can show you how a fitting function works before you buy it. No matter whether you talk to clients, prospective clients or even staff, use polls like any other brands touch point. Chargeable maps allow you to include your logo or other trademark image.

Customise the thank you pages to show your respondents a brand-related message once your poll is over. You can use predefined designs to change the look of the design, place your photographs where you want them to be, and customize colours and type, making it easy to adapt to your brand's stylistic guides. Only a few chargeable packages offer a whitelabel feature.

You can use customized HTML invites to attach pictures and embedded video. Get more poeple to start and complete polls by making them unforgettable. Easily post full-screen pictures to give your poll an additional touch. Easily build great-looking, customized polls by accessing more than a thousand free pictures and over a hundred free template files.

The participants of your poll can be inspired even by small strokes. Adapt the poll extension of your poll to your subject or your trademark. From the beginning, build a personalised poll by adding first and last name in your e-mail invitations. No matter if your interview experiences are fun, pro, or something in between, small detail sets the atmosphere and sound.

Do you want to make sure that your polls are available to everyone? Learn how we can help you meet the 508 and WMAG2 compliance requirements, or learn more about topics and how to create open polls. Are you prepared to do nice polls together?

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