Customize your own Doormat

Create your own doormat

While some may come with a fancy vortex or airbrush image, if you want to give your guests an individual style, create your own. Encourage guests or invite them to your home with this funny doormat that features a winking, reversible design. Create your own doormat with photo. Clever doormat madness is everywhere right now, so why not on your own feet? Clever doormat madness is everywhere right now, so why not on your own feet?

This is how you personalise a doormat. Home Guides.

Floor mats are a tens of cents and some can be too dull for the main door of your home. While some may come with a unique vortex or airbrush picture, if you want to give your customers an individual style, make your own. Hers can be as easy as a stencil character or as decorated as an embroidered carpet - your fantasy is the boundary.

Although you can make your own welcome blanket from woven cotton, silk or woollen, you can also make your own blanket from an empty fibre blanket. Rigid fibres offer high abrasion performance and absorb colour well. Additional useful material for your matt magnesium opus: cover strip in various sizes, a handicraft blade, spraying ink in a range of colours, pens and a selection of letter and decor templates.

Templates are the simplest and most uncomplicated way to individually design the entry of your house. A lot of house owners like to have their last name on the mats with a plain black and white logo, but you can easily include anything from a funny quotation to beautiful stencil-like floral or bird motifs and more. Handicraft shops offer a wide range of different types and dimensions of synthetic templates with a wide range of cutting options, or you can have your own printed on cardboard and the sample trimmed.

Place a can of spraying ink about 6 inch from the pad and spread in small circularities. Leave the ink to drip for a few moments before removing the template and adhesive film. When you get along well with a paintbrush, you' re decorating your mats with your own imaginative work. Coat your matt Magnum-Opus with impermeable oils, spots or markings or colours.

Draw a picture of your house, a favourite Christmas tree, celtic designs, stick figurines to show your members of the household, the coat of arms or even a bull' eyes or coloured foot prints that lead into the doors. To ensure a long life cover, sprinkle watertight or textile paints on the mats. When your matt is pure decoration, sprinkle the final product with a water-resistant varnish.

When you feel at ease with needles and threads or on the embroidery maker, make a luxury mats with extra decoration. Coat a thin slice of veneer with synthetic rug upholstery and tack a sheet of linen that you have yourself decorated with paint sprayed on. Stitch your logo or stitched pattern onto a thin, shagless blanket for an ultra long lasting and individual look.

So if you don't want to get your fingers soiled, make an individual mats through a sophisticated distributor. Get a mats with an on-line carpet maker such as,, or, or get in touch with your nearest arts and craft shop for skilled locals. Those businesses allow you to make your own mats on their web sites or by browsing through a designer manual, and will send your mats to your doorstep for printing.

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