Customize your own Floor Mats

Design your own floor mats.

You will be surprised, however, to learn how easy it is to make and tie your own individual, brand new floor mats. You will find the BEST SELECTION & BEST PRICES on the Design Your Own Car Mat page. We will provide you with a free proof of art of your design from the information you provide. Create your own individual and personalized mat! Custom mats for at home or in the garden:

Products and suppliers:

Products and suppliers: Approximately 43% are mats, 14% are carpets for cars and 9% are carpets. You can choose from a number of designs that you can combine with your own rims, such as bars, bathrooms and cars. Whether you are designing your own floor mats, they are non-slip, oriented or kilimic.

We have 55 own foot mat supplier companies, mainly based in Asia. Our main supplier is China (mainland), which supplies 100% of the designs of your own auto floor mats. Create your own auto carpets designs are most loved in North America, South America and Western Europe. Safeguard your company's safe production by choosing from a range of certificated vendors, 9 with Others, 6 with ISO9001 and 4 with BSCI certifications.

The information you have provided will be used to create a free artwork for you.

The information you have provided will be used to create a free artwork for you. 1: Select the type, height and back of your mats. 2: Select your colorsChoose up to 25 colours (Classic Impressions). Describe in detail how your company should appear on the screen, i.e. as large as possible, centred, colours placed.

Send us your work of artWe strive to offer the most appealing logomats on the market. Decisive for this is the qualitiy of the artworks provided. Best art work is a monochrome commercial. Slicks can be any-sized up to 8.5" x 11". Templates can be sent by post*, expedited shipping or e-mail** (e-mail is the quickest and most convenient way to submit).

Fax copy distorts the print image and cannot be used. The following is a listing of the different kinds of artworks. When we cannot use marginally sized artworks, we will tell you that we need better work. When ordering for the first time, please try to supply the best possible print template as this will speed up the printing for you.

Businesscards ***Colored print, if any, can be submit to indicate colour location for a theme. Fine arts are available for your drafts to be approved. Fine prints may be shipped through mail order companies, but Mat Logo, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the cost. The first and second version of the artwork proving for a unique artwork is provided free of cost.

Extra art-tested version of the same artwork costs $25.00 each. The costs for the artwork will not be reimbursed if the artwork is ordered later. 800285, LaGrange, GA 30240888-MAT-LOGO (628-5646) | fax: 888-MATS-MATS-MATS (628-7628)International: For example, the logo shown herein is provided solely as a convenience and should not be construed as implying that MAT LOGO, INC. has any right to reproduced the logo.

INC. only provides logomats for the owner of the logotypes and for the licensee and authorised representative of the owner.

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