Cut to Size door Mats

Tailor-made door mats

Coarse fibres are pushed back on an environmentally friendly carrier so that they can be cut into any size and shape without fraying. There is a wide range of custom cut coconut mats available, such as bar, outdoor and door mats. A washable, made-to-measure charcoal doormat, is a cotton fibre dirt trap mat that can be cut to exactly the size you need without compromising on pre-formatted mats. Businesses now make special anti-slip products that you can cut into any size and shape and place under any doormat or carpet to make them non-slip and secure. Use a universal knife or carpet knife to cut along the marked lines and cut the carpet to size.

Doormats cut to size

There is a wide selection of door mats and we can provide tailor-made door mats. With our tailor-made door matt services, you can order a door matt that is exactly the size you want. If you are looking for a custom-made door mats, you must make sure that the door mats you order do not get frayed at the corners.

Custom -made door mats are manufactured and trimmed according to your specifications without causing ragged corners. Often when you are trying to match a particular room, a tailor-made floor mat is the perfect choice as it can be adapted to the desired surface area.

Customised floor mats without elastic edges can also be offered, which are generally used in floor mats cut-outs or when a floor mats needs to be mounted around walls or door soffits. In addition, we are able to provide floor mats in a certain size and form. The specialist Matten is a leader in the supply of tailor-made door mats.

Products and suppliers:

Products and suppliers: There is a large selection of custom cut coconut mats available, such as bars, exterior and doors. Whether coconut mats are cut to measure is either hand-made or weaved. Coconut mats are available in 10 sizes, cut to size and manufactured mainly in Asia.

Coconut mats are supplied mainly by China (mainland), India and the United States, which provide 80%, 10% and 10% of coconut mats respectively. Custom made coconut mats are most loved in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa. It is possible to guarantee your own security by choosing from among our range of certificated vendors, 10 with Others, 5 with BSCI-Certificate.

Information on products

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