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Floor mats are not only for decoration! Make your own unique doormat. Abstract Decorative Floor Mats are a modern, elastic mat ideal for outdoor terraces and entrance areas. Welcome your guests with these beautiful new, interchangeable decorative floor mats. Sassafras decorative doormat insert.

Rummage in decorative floor mats | beautify your interiors.

Greet your home visitors with one of our wonderful handmade decorative floor mats. Our decorative floor mats last for years - from funky slogans to adorable design to pet images. With our personalised doormat you can make your own personal statement. If you need help with your order, call us, we have a lot of expertise in finding the right one for the home of our clients.

"Abstract" decorative floor mats ? The Floor Mat Company

Up-to-date aesthetics: Let the old things in your home disappear and begin to bring a little contemporaneity with this classy fashionable mats. It is a shoeshaving pad with a lot of character. Manufactured from Kokosfaser: Kokosmatte such as this consists of Kokosfaser, a matter, which is won from the shell of a Kokosnuss.

Cleaning footwear, catching dirt: When it comes to cleaning your home, these coconut fibre mats are the best option for the task. Thick coconut fibre is ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas on the bottom of footwear and boot. It removes debris and sludge and keeps them inside the mats until they are washed.

Creative design: While most other items are a little reminiscent of the old classic days, this welcome matt in pink is proud to have a contemporary look. Influenced by abstraction, the designs will attract the attention of lovers of the arts. For the purposes of abstraction, everyone's designs could look like anything.

Could be a portrayal of a home with a Christmas-tree or it could just be a painting of a flower. And Picasso himself would be delighted with this contemporary mats!

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Because of the chosen colour, this was reordered for 2 additional week. Excellent workmanship, very accurate cutting of edges. It was a really high grade rug, the colour was full and strong, the surface structure was smooth with a very full number of threads. You are very easy to enter, even with naked toes, and you are very safe,

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