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Doormat design

Free-of-charge personalization and fast shipping. Handcrafted to order with fast delivery to Australia. Accompany us to a DIY workshop to create a personalized DOORMAT! FRANCISH-GREEN ESPALIER DOOR MAT. Anna's designs include a variety of styles as long as the color is bright!

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Floor mat deSIGN Gallery - Mamas Design-Farm

Accompany us to a DOORMAT personalised DOY workshops! Allows you to customise your projects by choosing from over 10 painting choices. We' ll supply you with all the material for your projects, just come in your clothing to draw for some enjoyment! Cleans by vibrating or stain removal (not on the design).

When you paint a doormat with your name on it, please let us know the PLURALE shape of the surname you would like to have on the doormat, as well as the wedding year. When the name ends with is, x, ch, sh or z, the right way to make it plural -es is to do it.

Apostrophes should NOT be used in the plurals of surnames. After you have made your booking, please be aware that NO changes can be made to your design or customization.

DRAW A FOOT MAT! | free-lance artist

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